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Welcome to Long-Term Living's Platinum Products and Services special section

October 1, 2008
by root
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Platinum Products and Services Guide Most Innovative Products Product Showcase

We asked readers to nominate products that helped them do their jobs better and elevate patient care to new levels. Our readers heeded the call and nominated, in some cases, products that, literally, changed the outcome of patient care. The product finalists were chosen by Long-Term Living's editorial team, who asked product designers to comment on the development process. We hope you find these innovative products worth incorporating into the care plan at your facility.

—The editors at Long-Term Living


62 Most Innovative Products

62 MX Manager, Plante & Moran, PLLC

63 Dart Voice, DaRT Chart System, LLC

63 SureAssess, Surequest Systems

64 Rehab Optima, GiftRAP Corp.

65 [m]Power, Dakim, Inc.

65 Access Table, Patapsco Woodworks, Inc. and JSR Associates, Inc.

66 TSR 4000 Recumbent Cross Trainer, NuStep, Inc.

66 Stand Guard, Stand Guard of Ohio, LLC

67 Twiddle™Muff, BeauLily, LLC

68 Völkner Turning Systems, James Consolidated, Inc.

68 V.A.C. Freedom® Therapy System, KCI, Inc.

70 Product Showcase

Plante & Moran, PLLC

Contact: Joan Schlagheck

e-mail: Joan.Schlagheck@plantemoran.com

Phone: (800) 827-1280, ext. 29067

Web: http://www.mxmanage.com

Nomination by: Renee Cunningham, Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Kalkaska, Michigan. We have been very fortunate to have access to this program. The benefits have been an asset to our facility and our residents. We are able to look at so many resources that improve both our finances along with our care. The program can be accessed by all of our team members to allow them to see the areas he or she may have concerns with. We were very impressed with the information available related to this program.

What inspired you to invent/design this product?

MxManage designer peggy swartz

MxManage designer Peggy Swartz

Peggy Swartz: As an LTC consultant and former state Medicaid LTC division chief, I understood the significant challenges facing LTC facilities—declining reimbursement and increased demand for quality care. In addition, managers need to analyze the voluminous amount of MDS data efficiently in order to address these issues. We knew that the MDS data held the key to identifying the root cause of clinical concerns and to determining reimbursement. Originally, we developed MxManage as an internal tool for our consultants to use in mock surveys and reimbursement strategies. MxManage was so accurate in predicting survey targets and in identifying missed reimbursement opportunities that clients wanted real-time access to MxManage. So, we transformed MxManage into a real-time, Web-based application that provides the tool facilities need to analyze the MDS data to optimize reimbursement, be prepared for surveys, and improve the quality of resident care by identifying both residents and F-tags at risk.

What were the main challenges you encountered in designing this product and how did you resolve them?

Swartz: One of the significant challenges we encountered in developing MxManage was getting clients to embrace the new technology. It was a bit of a paradox; clients realized the value of having real-time access to the tool at their fingertips, but many have been slow to adopt technology. To alleviate some of the barriers to technology adoption, we developed MxManage as a Web-based, on-demand set of applications with an easy-to-use interface. As a result, clients do not have to worry about hardware or software upgrades—we take care of all of that for them. Making the technology adoption even easier is our customer service approach. To this day, we take a very consultative, high-touch approach to customer training and support. Our client managers work with each client on an ongoing basis on technical as well as clinical issues to maximize the benefit customers receive from using MxManage. Now many of our customers have woven MxManage into their daily workflows, making Quality Stat the foundation for resident care planning and Financial Stat the cornerstone for optimizing reimbursement.

Dart Chart Systems, LLC

Contact: Linda Kunz

Phone: (414) 247-3229

e-mail: dartvoice@dartchart.com

Web: http://www.dartchart.com

Nomination by: Douglas Bulson, Field Ops-LTC Training, East Troy, Wisconsin. I have been fortunate enough to view the beta version of this tool for the future of long-term care, specifically in how facilities can capture much needed data for the highest recovery of funds. The process of validation and review is similar to Meyers/Briggs at the resident and family member level. I believe this is a high candidate for nomination as best new product as we look to the future of data collection needs with as little work as possible while still remaining professional in the roles we need to fill.

What inspired you to invent/design this product?

DartVoice designer linda kunz, phd, mbm, rac-c.