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April 1, 2009
by root
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Wheelchair/Equipment Washer

Multipurpose equipment washer sanitizes up to 20 wheelchairs in one hour! One-button operation, portable, 110-volt power, standard garden hose connections. Free 30-day trial, free delivery, free chemicals! Factory-direct purchase, lease/purchase, rent. Medco Equipment is now sanitizing over 1.3 million wheelchairs monthly.

Medco Equipment, Inc.

(800) 717-3626

Detex EasyKit for Automatic Operated Doors

Detex introduces AODx21ERx1S-1. This EasyKit integrates the Advantex latch retraction exit device (21xER) with low energy, automatic operator (AO19-1) with prewired, built-in latch retraction power supply (81-800) for use with your new or existing access control system. Includes two wireless ADA activation buttons, power transfer, and code-compliant signage.

Detex Corporation

(800) 729-3839

NEW! Code Alert® Integrated Care Management

RF Technologies introduces Code Alert® Integrated Care Management (ICM), a single platform hosting a wide range of integrated safety and security solutions for Senior Living, including nurse call, locationing, life safety devices, data capture and reporting, and more. See Code Alert ICM and our voice-to-voice communications solution at ALFA.

Visit us at ALFA Booth #724

RF Technologies

(800) 669-9946

Aerotech Bus

Since 1979, ElDorado National has been the leading commercial cutaway bus manufacturer in the industry, building lasting relationships (and buses!) with customers.

Our experienced dealer network is the largest, longest established commercial bus distribution organization in the industry.

Our buses are a great investment, delivering the highest documented resale value in the industry.

ElDorado National

(800) 850-1287 or (785) 827-1033

Völkner Turning System

James Consolidated, Inc., manufactures patented low air loss mattresses and overlays for the treatment and prevention of pressure sores. Rated “Superior” in effectiveness nation- and worldwide in Acute, Long-Term, and Home Care settings. The company offers quality support surfaces made in the USA, cost effective, durable, lightweight, and portable.

James Consolidated, Inc.

(925) 691-5117; toll free (800) 884-3317

MedCenter 31-Day Pill Organizer and Talking Alarm

The MedCenter System organizes your medications into color-coded pill boxes, each with four daily compartments. The Talking Alarm Clock alerts you up to four times a day with a repeating reminder. Organize your pills a month at a time and give yourself or a loved one peace of mind.

MedCenter Systems, LLC

(866) 600-3244

Wheelchair with Safet mate® Anti-Rollback Device

210 Innovations offers a new low-cost version of its Safet mate Wheelchair Anti-rollback preinstalled on Invacare Tracer EX2. The device prevents rollback as user attempts to stand or sit. Features override handles below hand grips and allows quick collapse of wheelchair. Preinstalled on any chair width.

210 Innovations, LLC

(800) 210-2298

Do You Need A Better Way To Manage Time, Attendance & Access Control?

More than 13,000 locations use our Biometric Technology every day to:

  • Eliminate Timecards

  • Stop “Buddy Punching”

  • Track Attendance

  • Track Specific Jobs

  • Control Access

  • Save Money

Count Me In LLC

(888) 4-TIMECLOCK (888-484-6325)

UB Watch

One of the trio of essential tools from eHealth Data Solutions, UB Watch enhances billing processes and increases cash flow for long-term care providers. Using a system of logic flags designed specifically for Universal Bills claims, the program methodically reviews each UB prior to submission to the fiscal intermediary and alerts providers to any issues which may delay payment or decrease revenue. It detects and reveals unintended patterns that lead to suspended claims, CMS audits, demand for repayments, False Claim Act issues, under/over billing, and other missed revenue opportunities.

eHealth Data Solutions

(216) 371-2350