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Product Focus

October 1, 2008
by root
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Passenger Van

DaimlerChrysler offers the Dodge Sprinter Passenger Van to provide residents with comfort and overall safety and security features. Its step-in height, side-door opening, and standard interior standing height is suitable for use in long-term care environments. Three-point harnesses in all 12 seats and 187-ft of cubic storage makes the Dodge Sprinter Passenger Van a good transportation choice for your facility.

Slip-Resistant Footwear

The athletic-style Eastside from Shoes for Crews® features the company's SFC Mighty Grip™ slip-resistant outsole combined with featherlight technology. Additional features include genuine leather, padded collar, removable cushioned insoles, and flexible construction.

Perineal Washcloths

New TENA™ Ultra Washcloths are premium-strength, premoistened washcloths that are soft and textured to provide gentle, effective, and convenient cleansing of fragile perineal skin. The new enriched moisturizing formula contains di-methicone, aloe, vitamin E, and chamomile. Suitable for incontinence care or general skin freshening, the washcloth cleans, moisturizes, and restores delicate skin.

Vital Signs Monitor

The Rosie II Vital Signs Monitoring System captures SpO2, E-Temp, blood pressure, and pulse rate in 45 seconds. With a patient ID attached to each set of vitals and 400 lines of memory, the system ensures accurate record keeping and increased nursing efficiency.

Smart Inflation™ increases patient comfort by monitoring the blood pressure during inflation and stopping when necessary. The inflation pressure customizes itself to individual requirements. The NIBP with Dynamic Linear Cuff Deflation technology deflates smoothly, is controlled by the pulse rate, and measures the pressure at every pulse all the way down. Readings are actual systolic, mean, and diastolic blood break points.

Patient records are easily transferred to a PC or clinical software. Secured to a solid wheel base with locking casters, Rosie II is mobile and has a 6-hour battery life. An optional bar code scanner is available.

Adjustable-Height Low Beds

The new Joerns UltraCare XT beds, available from Direct Supply, feature toroidal architecture construction. The 7″ to 30″ travel range protects residents from falls and reduces caregiver back strain. Beds feature straight vertical rise so they won't move toward or away from the wall. The arched legs provide a strong, wide stance for equipment clearance, and the four-section grid deck sleep surface offers a full range of positions to reduce skin shear.

The newly designed hand pendant features soft-touch edges, finger grips, and optional enhanced backlighting, raised buttons, and illuminated lock-out status.

Passenger Vans

Commercial passenger and ADA-compliant, wheelchair-lift-equipped vans, and buses are Mobility Transportation Services' only business. Because they are specialists, they can customize a van to a client's specifications and deliver in less than 30 days—in fact, many times in less than 10 days—at the lowest price. Financing with $0 down at special interest rates is available.

Spa System

The Penner Cascade Premier Spa provides affordable elegance with a TV, DVD, and CD player. You design the colors to create a spa-like bathing atmosphere in your bathing area. The Premier cabinet provides convenient access to hidden controls, bathing liquids, and the quick-fill reservoir.

Adjustable-HeightShampoo Bowl

Adjust-a-Sink by Accessible Systems is a shampoo bowl designed to provide a safer, more comfortable solution for hair care in facility salons. An easy-to-use foot pump allows the sink to be raised and lowered 12″ to better accommodate a resident's physical limitations. The Adjust-a-Sink can be used with most wheelchairs, eliminating the need to transfer the resident from the wheelchair to the salon chair.

New features include a wider selection of bowl and laminate colors and smoother surfaces for cleanability. A 3-in-1 faucet combines the spray, faucet, and vacuum breaker into one fixture, along with new color-matched, durable powder-coated drain shrouds for a contemporary appearance.

Side-Access Tub

The freestanding 3650 tub from Invacare Continuing Care Group provides easy side-entry access for ambulatory, semi-ambulatory, and nonambulatory residents. A large, wide door swings to a full open position, allowing for easy transfers. The 3650 can be used with or without a lift. All of Invacare's tubs feature its “Closed Loop Disinfecting System,” which safely disinfects the entire whirlpool system and reduces or eliminates cross-contamination.