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LTL Showroom

July 1, 2010
by Maureen Hrehocik, Editor
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Dear Reader:

Welcome to the LTL Showroom. Useful and innovative products are regularly being made available to professionals in long-term care, and this special segment of the 2010 BUYERS GUIDE gives you a simple and attractive guide to some of the best.

To request information on products that can make you and your fellow caregivers more efficient, your residents more comfortable, and your facility safer and more attractive, visit


Vacuum Cleaner

Rubbermaid Commercial Products' DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution combines multiple cleaning tasks to reduce labor time. The DVAC 1 Pass is a dolly-integrated vacuum that allows cleaning professionals to collect waste and recycling, dust, and vacuum in a single pass.

The DVAC is designed with timesaving features, including a deluxe rim caddy with storage areas and tool grips to hold supplies. The full-bag indicator tells the user that it's time to change the filter bag or check for clogs.

For more information, call (800) 347-9800 or visit http://www.rcpwork

Television Remote Control

The Clean Remote, available from ALCO Sales & Service Company, has tested to be 99% cleaner than standard remotes. Its flat, nonporous surface makes it easy to clean and disinfect. The Clean Remote works on more than 200 TV brands and no codes are needed.

For more information, call (800) 323-4282 or visit

Seat Cushion

Available in four sizes (Original, Standard, Pediatric, and Bariatric), EHOB's WAFFLE® Seat Cushion redistributes a patient's weight, provides comfort, and works to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. The cushion features a low-profile design that contours and cradles the user while seated.

The WAFFLE Seat Cushion's air venting holes allow heat and moisture to easily dissipate for a higher level of comfort. The cushion uses static air technology to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers through Stage IV.

For more information, call (800) 899-5553 or visit

Mini-Pendant Lighting

Saria, a celestially inspired LED mini-pendant with a colorful glowing edge, has been introduced by Nora Lighting. Featuring a microsized glass disk that measure 4-3/4 across and 1/4 deep, the Saria produces two distinct visual effects. Model 1W-LED features a cluster of LED modules with a soft downlight glow. Model 3W-LED (shown) includes three 1-watt LEDs that produce an even, mini-flood of concentrated light without glare. Finish hardware is offered in brushed nickel and mounts to a Nora mono-point canopy.

For more information, call (800) 686-6672 or visit

Therapeutic Support Surface

Invacare Continuing Care's patented Solace Resolution Gliding mattress eliminates pressure caused by sliding on sensitive areas of a resident's body by allowing the top and bottom sections of the mattress to move independently of each other. The lower section remains flush against the bed frame as it is raised or lowered, while the resident glides comfortably on the upper section. The Solace Resolution Gliding mattress has deep contours to maximize body contact, reducing isolated pressure points. The mattress cover's two-way stretch material stays snug against the foam insert and its water-resistant, air-permeable fabric enhances comfort. The cover removes easily for laundering.

For more information, call (800) 333-6900 or visit

Spray Adhesive

Flexco®, a manufacturer of rubber, vinyl, and ESD control commercial flooring, introduces Spray-Grip spray adhesive for use with rubber tile and rubber sheet products only. Spray-Grip is a self-contained commercial-grade spray adhesive system that reduces install time and allows for immediate use of the floor after installation. Spray-Grip is 50% faster than troweling, is water-based, has no VOCs and little to no odor, uses 80% less adhesive on jobs, and allows immediate foot traffic after rolling.

For more information, call (800) 633-3151 or visit

Cast Protectors

Carex Health Brands has introduced a new line of EZ Stretch Cast Protectors designed to keep casts and bandages completely dry while showering or bathing. Made of durable and water-resistant material that's difficult to rip or puncture, EZ Stretch Cast Protectors easily stretch over a cast or bandage and tightly self-seal around the arm or leg.

The new Cast Protectors are latex-free, reusable, and require no tape or special straps.