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LTL Showroom

July 1, 2009
by Maureen Hrehocik, Editor
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Dear Reader:

Welcome to the LTL Showroom. Useful and innovative products are regularly being made available to professionals in long-term care, and this special segment of the 2009 BUYERS GUIDE gives you a simple and attractive guide to some of the best.

To request information on products that can make you and your fellow caregivers more efficient, your residents more comfortable, and your facility safer and more attractive, visit

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Color-Coded Monthly Pillbox

The MedCenter System features a monthly stocking design, with 31 individual pill containers having four compartments available for morning, noon, evening, and nighttime dosages. The system itself is a visual cue. It is large enough to be noticed by the user, but not so large as to clutter a countertop or bureau. Each dated pillbox has red and green color coding-green indicates pills are to be taken, and once emptied, the pillbox is turned upside down with the red end showing. This allows users and caregivers to verify compliance at a glance.

For more information, call (866) 600-3244 or visit

Pole Walking Activity

Exerstrider Products, Inc., offers both specially designed poles and easy-to-learn technique instruction to create community-based or self-directed total-body walking exercise programs. Using poles, this walking activity can reduce falls, build overall aerobic/muscle fitness, and improve walking confidence, balance, posture, and gait. It requires minimal investment, dedicated facility space, or staff involvement to launch and sustain. The program is suitable for active seniors and can even motivate and safely reactivate many frail, cane, or walker-using seniors.

For more information, call (888) 285-7392 or visit

Wound Dressing

The V.A.C.® GranuFoam Bridge Dressing simplifies application in chronic wounds, especially diabetic foot ulcers, where it is compatible with off-loading devices.

The V.A.C. GranuFoam Bridge Dressing kit includes a preformed bridge that allows the SensaT.R.A.C. Pad that is placed away from hard-to-access wound sites, a dressing that includes a new wicking layer designed to prevent damage to intact skin, presized V.A.C GranuFoam Bridge Dressing inserts designed for diabetic foot ulcers, reducing the need for resizing dressings, and a perforated drape that is designed to easily achieve a reliable seal around the wound. This dressing can be used with all of KCI's V.A.C. Therapy systems and in combination with off-loading boots or devices.

For more information, visit

Accessible Bathtub

Safety Bath, Inc., offers the Safety Bath Supreme, which was designed to fill the gap between a household bathtub and an institutional lift tub. Special features in the Supreme make it suitable for long-term care environments where multiple users access the same bathtub. Also included is the hygienic San-Air Whirlpool system and a built-in disinfection system. Residents enjoy the privacy provided by the height of tub, which obscures the caregiver's line of sight. Safety Bath products not only benefit residents, but caregivers and the facility as well.

For more information, call (877) 826-6666 or visit

Medical Waste Removal

The Medical Waste Machine from Medical Innovations, Inc., replaces the expensive, ongoing cost of medical waste removal. The system can save large and small facilities up to 80% yearly. The Medical Waste Machine system improves liability because there are no sharps and other medical waste on site due to the sterilization process that converts the medical waste to ordinary waste. The system makes an environmental contribution because the waste going to the landfill is not only reduced by 75%, but is sterile as well. The system saves money, eliminates liability, eliminates paperwork, and improves the environment unlike other medical waste carriers.

For more information, call (508) 358-8099 or visit

Incontinence Protection

Supersorb® Breathable Underpads from Attends provide protection for the bed and the user. This underpad has increased backsheet strength and absorbency, which is more effective than a standard poly-backed underpad. Additionally, the nonwoven/poly backsheet is breathable, making it suitable for use on airflow therapy beds or for residents who are at high risk for skin breakdown. Attends Supersorb Breathable Underpads reduce the need for multiple underpads.