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Larry Minnix reflects on his seriously fun time as LeadingAge chief

May 15, 2015
by Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor
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Larry Minnix

Words of wisdom

To help him or her plan for and address future changes in the industry, Minnix has this advice for his successor: “Stay in touch with the members, love what they do, keep your ear close to the ground in Washington and don’t be afraid to lead,” adding: “Whoever is in this job needs to continue to advocate for the right policy for the right reasons and don’t be afraid to speak up about them.”

As for what the future holds for him personally, Minnix says that he and his wife want to enjoy retirement—including a new grandchild—while [we] are still fortunate enough to be able to get around and do some things we want to do.” They’ll be returning to their native Atlanta, although Minnix says he is so focused on leaving the organization in good hands that he hasn’t thought much about what specifically they’ll do once they get there.

“I want to walk out here at 6 or 6:15 like I do every day on the last day I’m here and call my wife and say, ‘I’m on the way home for dinner,’ ” he says. “Then we are going to take some time off, and then the biggest decision I want to make for a while is, when she wakes up, to say, ‘Do you want a waffle or an omelet, or do you want to go out for breakfast?’ And I want to set my alarm for 6:30 instead of 5:15. That’s how much deep, thoughtful planning I have done about retirement.”

Until he leaves what he describes as “the best job in the field,” Minnix says he will be enjoying the work of helping members meet the challenges they face. “What I tell our staff every day is, this is serious work,” he says. “We’d better have fun doing it.”

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