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Focus On...Wound Care: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: An Option for Hard-to-Heal Wounds

January 1, 2006
by Michael S. Miller, DO, FACOS, CWS; Marta Ortegon, PA; Cheryl McDaniel, LPN; and Thomas Serena, MD, FACS, CWS
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Michelle Dumonceaux, Hypoguard, 952-646-3225,
  Nutritional Support
Good nutrition is essential to skin integrity and wound healing. Decubi-Vite«, from QCE Laboratories, combines the typical protocol of a therapeutic multi-vitamin plus 500 mg of vitamin C and 200 mg of zinc sulfate in one capsule. Residents take one pill instead of three. If swallowing is a problem, the capsule can be easily opened and mixed with applesauce or pudding, or added to water for G-tube administration.

Decub-AmineÖ protein supplement enhanced with arginine, glutamine, and essential fatty acids provides a complete nutritional supplement program.

Margo Trueblood, QCE Laboratories, 770-926-9879,
  Spray-On Moisture Barrier
Touchless Care Systems' Rash Relief« protects skin with its concentrated 25% zinc oxide and 20% dimethicone formula. Spray-on, no rub-in application only takes a few seconds, saving nursing time. Additional savings are achieved by eliminating the residual waste and cleanup expense of traditional products. Each 4.5-oz bottle delivers more than 100 adult applications.

Garret Cawthorn, Touchless Care Concepts, 502-418-1052,
  F314 Compliance Guide
Revised F314 guidelines state that a resident should not develop pressure ulcers "unless clinically unavoidable and that the facility provides care and services." Pressure Relief and Reduction: A Guide to Skil-Care Products as Interventions for F314 Compliance can assist caregivers in selecting seating and position devices and pressure-relief surfaces that can prevent pressure sores and aid in the healing of existing ulcers. This guide matches specific interventions to the SOM Guidance to Surveyors. It also provides clinical rationales for each intervention.

This comprehensive guide for F314 compliance is available without cost or obligation from Skil-Care Corporation.

Arnold Silverman, Skil-Care Corporation, 914-963-2040,
  Hand Sanitizer
DawnMist« Instant Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer from Donovan Industries kills germs that cause infections such as MRSA and VRE, yet it is gentle on the hands. The intensive moisturizing formula contains emollients such as glycerin and aloe vera, plus vitamin E for healthy skin. It is available in a variety of sizes and applicators, including pump and wall dispensers.

Brian Cupari, Donovan Industries, 813-854-1547,
  Recliner Accessories
Span-America has added 22"- and 28"-wide cushions and an armrest to its Geo-Wave« product line for use with specialty recliners. Used for various applications such as dialysis, chemotherapy, cardiac care, and gerichairs, the Geo-Wave is designed to address shearing in the reclined position. The armrest pads adjust to various widths for user comfort.

Joe Benedict, Span America, 800-888-6752,
Replacement Mattress James Consolidated, Inc., has introduced the V÷lkner Turning System Delta II low-air-loss mattress replacement, which has a blower type pump with 1275 LPM airflow. The digital electronic control unit features maximum inflate; lateral rotation of static air flotation; up to a 40¦ turning angle; and a 10-, 20-, 30-, or 60-minute turning cycle to the right, left, or both sides.

Ingrid B. James, James Consolidated, Inc., 925-939-5785,
  Suspension Boots
DM Systems, Inc.'s new Heelift design includes extended stitching along the top rim of the boot to narrow the forefoot, offering improved protection against foot drop, equinus deformity, or heel cord contracture. The extended stitching also prevents the foam from tearing through the ventilation holes. The simplified strap design permits one-handed closure and easier adjustment of the strap's tension.

Heelift and Heelift Smooth Suspension Boots are used to prevent and treat heel pressure ulcers. Pressure is eliminated from the heel by lifting it with an elevation pad and suspending the heel in protective space. In prevention regimens, Heelift can be used with residents who are immobile, postoperative, or suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or dietary deficiencies.