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May 1, 2003
by root
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Seashore Gardens Living Center Galloway Township, New Jersey
SEASHORE GARDENS LIVING CENTER Galloway Township, New Jersey TYPE OF FACILITY/SETTING: Home for Aged (nursing facility with rehab and assisted living) CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR: Martin Klein, President and CEO ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Kanalstein Danton Associates, (856) 424-6060 INTERIOR DESIGN: Merlino Design Partnership, (215) 829-9810, ext. 204 RESIDENT CAPACITY: 120 Healthcare beds; 30Special Needs; 30 Assisted Living apartments TOTAL AREA (SQ. FT.): 125,500 CONSTRUCTION COST: $19,400,000 construction; $1,000,000 FF&E COST/SQ. FT.: $154.58 (construction only); $162.54 (construction and FF&E) ADMINISTRATOR'S COMMENTS
Martin Klein, President and CEO:
"We moved here from another facility that was about 10 miles away and consisted of three attached buildings that had been renovated many times. Severe limitations prevented us from making further improvements there, so we decided it was time to build a new facility. The move took four days. We expected a large turnover, but 95% of our staff stayed, and all of our residents moved to our new facility. Our staff members love working in the new surroundings-we haven't heard a single complaint about its utility or appearance. Our new two-story, 125,500-sq.-ft. building accommodates 186 residents, which translates into 674 sq. ft. of common space per resident.

"We've tried to create something other than a nursing home here-an actual home. For example, there is no visible nurse call system, and there are no lights over doors or room entrances. The drug room and all medical/dietary services, equipment, and supplies are out of sight, behind the desk that serves as the only visible nurses' station. A more residential look also has been achieved by recessing the entrances to the residents' rooms, so that they aren't flush with the hallway. The hallways themselves were kept short for the comfort and convenience of residents, and there are only concealed double doors. Windows are low, with wide sills where residents can display decorative items.

"The main community area is a reproduction of the nearby Atlantic City Boardwalk, with working stores and a lifelike, three-dimensional depiction of the ocean, beach, and piers in the 1930s to 1940s era. When people walk into this area for the first time, we see their eyes grow wide with amazement.

"Our long-term care 'neighborhoods'-each of which consists of five resident rooms built around a living room-are on one side of the Boardwalk, and the one- and two-bedroom assisted living apartments are on the other side. Each LTC neighborhood is uniquely decorated. For example, the French Quarter has large pictures depicting Paris in the 1930s, and the Seaside neighborhood has an ocean theme and beach pictures. The assisted living area has an art deco theme, featuring medium cherry and light wood finishes. On the LTC side, residents have shadowboxes outside their rooms for displaying memorabilia, and on the assisted living side they have shelves. AL residents also have their own secure storage areas, conveniently located on each floor. Every resident throughout the facility has his or her own phone number, and all rooms are wired for computers. "The 2+-story atrium, along with several courtyards throughout the facility, allow ample natural light into the rooms and hallways. All the dining rooms have at least one outside wall for this purpose, as well. The atrium features an aviary and aquarium. We also have a library, chapel, fitness center, cafT, children's play area, and gift shop.

"Within the long-term care facility is a certified dementia unit. It's very homey, with a kitchen area, congregate dining, its own park, a lounge, and a meditation room. There are also park areas outside the rest of the facility's dining rooms, and we have a man-made creek that flows to a fish-filled pond. Walking paths wind around the entire facility.

"I witnessed something recently that, to me, sums up the success our new facility is enjoying: A daughter of one of our residents was standing on our Boardwalk, waving to her relatives and saying, 'Let me show you what Mom's home looks like.' That tells me it really is home." DESIGN CENTER SPONSORED BY: