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Baby boomers are reinventing long-term care

November 1, 2006
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Strategic planning for the next generation of elders

Both public and private sectors acknowledge that the transformation currently underway in Minnesota will require conceptual and financial involvement of both sectors and will necessitate honest dialogue and realistic decision making by everyone. The changes that are taking place in long-term care can be viewed either as challenging and disruptive or as an opportunity to develop innovative ways of thinking about long-term care and create new products and services for it. The step-by-step investigative process occurring in both the private and public sectors in Minnesota is helping to initiate needed change and build viable systems for the future.

As you assess your own organizations, consider strategic planning opportunities for positioning your business in an appealing way for the future. Ask yourself:

  • What is my state doing?

  • What are my trade associations doing?

  • What am I doing?

Consider the following activities:

  • Think long term, establishing a direction through a process spanning the next 5 to 15 years.

  • Survey your current stakeholders—i.e., board members, staff, and family members—regarding the perceptions that they hold relating to their own care.

  • Do homework—e.g., study and research current baby-boomer trends.

  • Be creative; think outside the box.

  • Be real. What is necessary and doable to create successful change that benefits your organization and its stakeholders?

  • Look for opportunities rather than watching out for disaster. Work hard to identify your niche or a niche you can create, and learn how you can build market share to secure your organization's future.

Watch for the second article in this four-part series—it will address enhancing your current community in ways that will appeal to the next generation and thereby keep up with your new customers.

Claudia Blumenstock is an Executive Vice-President of Living Communities, LLC, a senior housing development company located in Rochester, New York.

Living Communities offers consulting services in long-term care strategic planning and develops niche senior housing markets for the future. For further information, call (525) 624-7650 or visit send your comments to the author and editors, please e-mail