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2003 Subject Index

January 1, 2004
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A Abuse
Elder Justice Act, provisions and prospects, 10 (Jun)
survey readiness, and, 40 (Feb)

new JCAHO guidelines, 30 (Sep)

holiday celebrations, 20 (Dec)
Montessori approach, for Alzheimer's, 58 (Jun)
Montgomery Place, diversity, 52 (Jun)
physical activity program, for elderly, 52 (Mar)
volunteering, rewards of, 44 (Apr)

future supply of, 42 (Jan)
inspiration of, 8 (Mar)
"stuck in the middle," facilitating staff interactions, 74 (Oct)

Aging in Place
marketing trap, as a, 12 (Oct)

AIDS Management
Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, and, 22 (May)

Alzheimer's Disease
Dorothy Seman approach, 34 (Sep)
home caregiving experience, 56 (Oct)
Montessori-based activities for, 58 (Jun)

American College of Health Care Administrators
convocation, 36 (Feb)

Assisted Living
affordability of, 10 (Sep)
ALFA policy, and, 104 (Oct)
Assisted Living Workgroup, ALFA position, 46 (Apr)
demographics, and, 50 (Aug)
fall prevention in, 60 (Jan)
hospitality perspective and, 62 (Mar)
Olmstead decision, and, Marycrest story, 50 (Jan) B Bariatric Care
one facility's approach, 30 (Nov)

The Spa at Arbor Acres, 29 (Jun)
wellness experience, as a, 108 (Oct)

Behavior Management
for "Shouters, Constant Call-Bell Ringers, and Complainers," 78 (Oct)
risk management, and, 60 (Mar)

maintenance of, 55 (Aug)
C Collections
eleven-point improvement approach, 56 (Mar)

future technology, 84 (Oct)
referral process, 64 (Nov)
telemedicine, and full-service LTC, 46 (Dec)
wireless update, 28 (Sep)

disaster recovery planning, and IT, 50 (Feb)
eliminating backup disasters, 68 (May)
HIPAA privacy policy, 30 (Mar)
HIPAA Privacy Rule, meeting deadline, 58 (Feb)
HIPAA transactions "reprieve," 66 (Nov)
new IT products, 66 (May)
new vendor search rules, 46 (Aug)
telemedicine, and, 46 (Dec)
use in referral process, 64 (Nov)

Consultant Pharmacists
updated role of, 22 (Aug)

Corporate Compliance
symptoms of an ailing plan, 54 (Nov)

Crime Prevention
Senior Crimestoppers program, 32 (Oct)

Culture Change
Eden Alternative, promise and problems, 41 (Dec)
Pioneer Network approach, 24 (Oct) D Demographics
use and misuse of, 50 (Aug)

Aging States Project, 8 (Jan)

bathing spa, 29 (Jun)
bathing spaces, for cognitively intact, 108 (Oct)
building "green," 26 (Jul)
flexible long-term care campus, 21 (Jun)
healing gardens, characteristics of, 50 (Oct)
improving bathroom design, 24 (Mar)
lighting options, 68 (Nov)
wall system selection, 34 (Jun)

Dining Service
creating a "five-star" experience, 20 (Sep)

Directors of Nursing (DONs)
future supply of, 42 (Jan)
"key to survival," as, 6 (Nov) E Eden Alternative
promise and problems of, 41 (Dec)

Employee Privacy
vs. employer rights, 60 (Nov)

Employee Screening
RFPs for outsourcing, 48 (May) F Fall Prevention
assisted living, in, 60 (Jan)

Family Relations
innovative programs, 16 (Aug)

Financial Investment
GE Healthcare Financial Services overview, 20 (Mar)
NIC financial benchmarks, 66 (Mar)
NIC financial benchmarks, 68 (Sep)
receivables-based financing, 14 (Jul)

Financial Operations
improved collections policy, 56 (Mar)
SOPA costing, and, 54 (Feb) G Government Policy
ALFA assisted living opinions, 104 (Oct)
elder abuse legislation, 10 (Jun)
Governor Dirk Kempthorne/National Governors Association on, 8 (Nov)
homeland security, and SNFs, 6 (May)
Howard Dean interview, 10 (Jul)
legislative prospects, 6 (Apr)
LTC insurance tax deductions, 6 (Sep)
Medicaid funding restorations, 8 (Aug)
NIH research and, 8 (Oct)
prescription drug coverage, 10 (Mar)
prescription drug debate, and nursing homes, 8 (Dec)
Quality Initiatives, update, 24 (Nov)
Quality Measures, careful application of, 26 (May)
rehab therapy caps, 35 (Jul)
reimbursement legislation, 6 (Feb) H HIPAA
developing privacy policy, 30 (Mar)
handhelds, and, 22 (Jan)
meeting Privacy Rule deadline, 58 (Feb)
monitoring "Business Associates" under, 46 (Jan)
transactions "reprieve," 66 (Nov)

Holiday Celebrations
nursing home vignettes, 20 (Dec)

Homeland Security
SNFs, and, 6 (May) I Immigration
strategies for hiring, 42 (May)

targeted approach to, 28 (Dec)
updated management of, 70 (Jun)

Infection Control
protection against drug-resistant bacteria, 70 (May)

Information Technology
computer-backup systems, 68 (May)
computerized referral process, 64 (Nov)
CRM system, and facility staff, 18 (Jan)
developing HIPAA privacy policy, 30 (Mar)
disaster recovery planning, and, 50 (Feb)
handhelds, and HIPAA compliance, 22 (Jan)
HIPAA "business associates," monitoring, 46 (Jan)