Are you down on LTC unions?

Do you believe a unionized workforce would benefit an LTC business?
-I am starting to think that nursing homes would benefit from being unionized because we need someone to stand up for us in this business. We are so different from acute care, yet no one realizes this and they want to treat us like mini-hospitals!

-It would be a detriment. It would increase operating costs and adversely impact the quality of care.

-A union could potentially keep sub-standard workers in their jobs.

-From what I’ve seen in other industries, unions can go too far and abuse their power. I know this industry is a business that needs money to run, but I also consider it a ministry to those who cannot care for themselves. I would be sad to see any resident suffer or have their lives further disrupted by greed or division “in the ranks” so to speak.


-In general, the financial success of a facility is pretty much regulated and unions cannot “sell” their services unless they constantly ask for more than can be provided, causing stress and strain for everyone.

-I currently work as a DON in an LTC facility staffed by unionized CNAs. This is my first union experience in 29 years in the field. I spend WAY too much time handling union issues/grievances that should instead be devoted to resident care. There was always much more of a spirit of teamwork in a non-union environment and the ability to work things out on a non-confrontational level.

What do you think?

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