Adding some color to resident life

After living in this nursing home for many years I got used to all white towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, etc. In fact, I do not think I gave it very much thought until a good friend gave me three sets of colored pillowcases for my birthday two years ago. She said they would give my room a little more pizzazz and she was certainly right. They brightened up my room and I got compliments from aides and comments from visitors about my attractive pillowcases.

So I decided to add more colored pillowcases and eventually a few colored towels. I definitely felt more at home because I was using my own things.

For years I wore the nursing home’s gowns and I did not really care what they looked like. But when they bought some that looked like men’s undershorts material, I drew the line. I went online and started searching for reasonably priced nicer looking hospital gowns. I really like sleeping in them because they are very comfortable. But it was difficult to find anything that I really liked. I did try one vendor who made her own gowns, although they were not made like hospital gowns and I tired of them quickly.

Then my cousin made me some gowns a few years ago. I loved the material but they were definitely too long. I wore them anyway but found that they did not do very well in the laundry. They faded and the pretty colors did not last.

I have since found hospital gowns online at a reasonable price. They are in solid colors and they hold up fairly well. I have been buying those for the last three years. I do wish they had them in printed materials and more up-to-date styles. But I realize they are probably selling to institutions more than to individuals.

Adding more color to my room here has added a lot to my life. Through color I have been able to put my own personality into the things around me.

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