Ad takes cheap shot at the elderly

Like millions of American citizens, I took part in that annual rite of revelry last Sunday night: The viewing of the televised Super Bowl football championship. And, like many viewers, I took particular delight in seeing what kind of creative, outrageous new commercials the “mad men” (and women) of Madison Avenue had concocted for our consumption and critique. Some were quite entertaining while others disturbed me deeply.

However, the chuckles and groans turned to disbelief and disdain as Chevrolet’s spot for its Cruz Eco car unfolded. Set in a nursing home or day care center, a group of seniors are watching TV when a commercial for the vehicle airs. Loud calls by residents to “turn up the volume” and “what did he say” are met with various “funny” misinterpretations by other seniors. Finally, a comely attendant (in a short, form-fitting uniform that I’ve never seen on a CNA), patronizingly shouts to the assembled group the intended message of great mileage and fine styling.

The spot was irritating, patronizing, and a cheap shot at the elderly. And, it was dumb business. You don’t mock what’s turning out to be the country’s largest demographic with vast spending power. It’s time to get a new ad agency, Chevrolet.

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