A long-term living Thanksgiving

This past Thursday this facility held its annual Family Thanksgiving Dinner. Every year the staff puts themselves out to prepare and serve a great dinner for the residents, their family members, and friends. Some things have changed over the years. During those first years here the dinner was buffet style. But sometimes the lines were long and folks arrived late.

Over the years we have come to a more family style meal. It is served on trays and the residents who do not have anyone eating with them eat first in their rooms. A few minutes later residents and their family members and guests are served. All residents and guests receive the same meal.

It was estimated that 100 friends and family members shared dinner with the residents Thursday night.

It is not the same old Thanksgiving dinner for those who attend. All they have to do is sit and be served. They do not have to worry about bringing food or cleaning up afterwards. So Thanksgiving dinner here is different from those at home.

We know how much effort to facility staff put into this Family Thanksgiving Dinner each year. They work their little hearts out and then they enjoy a meal afterwards.

These facility dinners are an endeavor that has just begun in the last several years. Therefore, they are cultural phenomena in this country. I am sure many facilities had similar dinners this past week. It offers family members and friends of residents an opportunity to celebrate with those who care for them and thank them for all they do.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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