A care plan tweak can have big results

Janeen (pseudonym) is the heavyset resident I blogged about this past December. She has lived in this facility for a few years and has been in several different rooms. Because Janeen likes loud music and constantly rearranges the room, she runs off most roommates. Now she is alone in a semi-private room.

When last fall's dishwasher training did not lead to an immediate job, Janeen was disappointed. She was told something would be figured out for her. But this winter, with no particular place to go, Janeen told me she does not want to get out of bed. Although she agreed when I told her getting out of her room is important, she continues to languish in her room most of the day.

Janeen has been having trouble walking. In the hallway she walks slowly and holds on to the railing. When she tells staff she is in pain, I think they feel Janeen is just being Janeen.

A few months ago Janeen began "plopping" onto the toilet. She may not be bending her knees and that could be why it sounds like she is freefalling onto the toilet. With a handrail I think she would be able to lower herself gently.

Shortly after Janeen began sitting heavily on the toilet, it started to leak. It has been repaired but the leaking continues. I hope that something can be done for Janeen before she falls or gets hurt.

I have heard Janeen ask for therapy. But I know writing a physical therapy plan is difficult with the scarce funding available today. But physical therapy would help her. A therapist could also evaluate her to see if a device could assist her with toileting.

As I was completing today’s blog, the therapist came to talk to Janeen. He has invaded her room, but I am sure she will be glad he did.

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