2015 OPTIMA: hospital transfers analysis [VIDEO]

When it comes to avoidable hospitalizations, sometimes a simple change in care routine or a deeper look into clinical causes can prevent another transfer later. Silvercrest's avoidable hospitalizations team meets weekly to discuss residents who have made a trip to the hospital and analyzes each case to see what might have been preventable. Here's a look at the detailed level of case discussion as Maureen Peters, LCSW, director of social services, explains a resident's case to the group. [Editor's note: The room's display screen showing the electronic medical record has been removed from this video to protect the resident's privacy.]

From L to R: Denise Lawson Munroe, RN, director of performance improvement; Maureen Peters, LCSW, director of social services;  Kathryn Heuzey, RD, clincial nutrition manager; Loretta McManus, RN, vice president of nursing.




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