2003 Author Index

Adendorff, Donna. Job Swap: Boosting Employee Morale and Resident Care, 62 (Oct)

Awan, Eulalia. See, Fridkin, David

Barbera, Eleanor Feldman. Managing Resident Calls for Help, 78 (Oct)

Battaglia, Sandra K. HIPAA Compliance, Part 2: Monitoring Your “Business Associates,” 46 (Jan)
HIPAA Compliance Requires Facilities to Have Privacy Policy, 30 (Mar)

Bernstein, Howard L.; Donati, Victoria L. Don’t Close Your Eyes to Workplace Harassment, 56 (May)

Bernstein, Howard L. See, Donati, Victoria L.

Blumenstock, Claudia S. Take a Breath, 74 (Feb) Administrators: “Stuck in the Middle,” 74 (Oct)

Bodoff, Russell. (Guest Editorial) New Technology Should Serve the Elderly, 6 (Jan)

Bogen, Jon (interview). What’s New With Wireless? 28 (Sep)

Boughman, Valarie. An IT System That Pulls Staff Together, 18 (Jan)

Brechtl, John R. (interview). Caring for Patients With AIDS, 22 (May)

Cabot, Stephen J. Keeping Labor Loyal, 100 (Oct)

Calkins, Margaret P. (interview). Lighting for Older Eyes, 68 (Nov)

Callahan, John M. See, Rubas, Wendy L.

Cates, Gary M. 2002 OPTIMA Award Entry: A Collaborative Approach to Facility Reorganization, 38 (Jul)

Cerquone, Joseph. Welcome to the April 26-29 Convocation, 36 (Feb)

Chizek, Mardy. Can You Use a Legal Nurse Consultant? 48 (Feb)

Cobb, John (interview). An Investment House That’s “Bullish” on Long-Term Care, 20 (Mar)

Coffey, Patrick L. See, Reuben, Keith D.

Connell, Bettye Rose (interview). Why Residents Wander-and What You Can Do About It, 50 (Apr)

Dishman, Eric (interview). The “Smart Technology” Future Is Now, 84 (Oct)

Donati, Victoria L.; Bernstein, Howard L. Top 10 Administrative Pitfalls in Dealing With Employees, 68 (Oct)

Dugan, Kevin. Dealing With Difficult Behaviors, 60 (Mar)

Durso, John J. (interview). Riding Out the Rising Tide of Litigation, 34 (Oct)

Edwards, Douglas J. Sex and Intimacy in the Nursing Home, 18 (Feb)
Farajun, Omry. Eliminate Computer-Backup Disasters, 68 (May)

Farley, Daniel W. (Guest Editorial) Inspiration Might Be Closer Than You Think, 8 (Mar)

Feldkamp, Janet K. (Legal Landscape) Navigating the Uncertain Legal Waters of Resident Sexuality, 62 (Feb)

Feldman, Steve (interview). Consultant Pharmacists: Saving Lives and Money, 22 (Aug)

Fogel, Lawrence A.; Watt, Joseph M. Symptoms of an Ailing Compliance Plan, 54 (Nov)

Ford, Douglas S. Enhancing the Referral Process Between a Hospital and SNF, 64 (Nov)

Forlini, Janet. See, Grape, Tom

Fridkin, David; Awan, Eulalia (interview). Not Just an “Old Folks’ Home,” 16 (May)

Fuller, Kathleen. Sad to the Bone, 44 (Feb)

Ginn, Gregory O.; Young, Cheri A. Competing in the Assisted Living Industry: A Hospitality Perspective, 62 (Mar)

Gong, Jade; Greenwood, Robert. Understanding the Business Side of PACE, Part 1, 36 (Apr) The Business Side of PACE, Part 2, 60 (May)

Gong, Jade. See, Padilla, Paula

Grachek, Marianna Kern (interview). A New Course for JCAHO Accreditation, 30 (Sep)

Grape, Tom; Forlini, Janet (interview, Assisted Living Review). ALFA Policymaking Moves Ahead, 104 (Oct)

Greenwood, Robert. See, Gong, Jade

Hoban, Sandra. (Long-Timers) Vircy Evans: From Resident to Resident Advocate, 80 (Mar)

Hoban, Sandra. Activities Plus at Montgomery Place, 52 (Jun)
Bridging the Gap Between Families and Staff, 16 (Aug)
A Season to Celebrate, 20 (Dec)

Hollinger-Smith, Linda. It Takes a Village to Retain Quality Nursing Staff, 52 (May)

Hubbs, Eric. If Walls Could Talk…, 34(Jun)

Huston, Sally. Technology for Independence, 46 (Dec)

Hutlock, Todd. O Administrator, DON, Where Art Thou? 42 (Jan)
Reaching Out Across the Airwaves, 56 (Sep)

Hyatt, Laura. (Business Strategies) Thinking Strategically About Falls Prevention, 10 (Feb)

Jacob, Dan. HIPAA and Handhelds, 22 (Jan)
Karanick, Joy. Performance Improvement: The New Quality Paradigm, 54 (Jan)

Keane, Bill; Ustick, Kathleen (interview). Montessori Principles Work for Alzheimer’s, 58 (Jun)

Keller, Stefan. Ten Tips for Developing an RFP for Employee-Screening Services, 48 (May)

Kempe, Jo-Anne. 5 Steps to Preventive Maintenance, 26 (Jan)

King, Halsey. Maintaining Your Buses, 55 (Aug)

Klitch, Beth A. Defending the MDS-From Regulators and Litigators, 36 (Nov)

Klusch, Leah. Targeting Our Approach to Incontinence, 28 (Dec)

Kobriger, Annette M. Weight Loss Prevention Strategies: What Is Your Facility’s Score? 62 (Jun)

Kosmin, Ethan Andrew. Eleven Ways to Improve Collections in Long-Term Care, 56 (Mar)

Kramer, Robert G. (NIC on Financing) Industry Financial Benchmarks Show Signs of Improvement, but Serious Issues Remain, 66 (Mar)
Financial Benchmarks: Signs of Struggle and Hope, 68 (Sep)

Krein, Keith (interview). Choosing a Medical Director: One Size Does Not Fit All, 15 (Apr)

Landy, Barbara; Olsen-DeHon, Dotty (interview). Caring for Larger Residents: Preserving Dignity Without Sacrificing Safety, 30 (Nov)

Lebowitz, Lawrence M. Immigration Strategies for Hiring Staff, 42 (May)

Lewis, Steven. Disaster Recovery Planning for Information Technology Functions, 50 (Feb)

Littlehale, Steven B.; Simon, Sam. Do Quality Measures Really Identify Quality Care? 26 (May)

Maben, Patricia A. Designing a Better Bathroom, 24 (Mar)

Managers of Penacook Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (interview). Does Ozone Laundry Really Work? A User’s Report, 68 (Feb)

Mansour, Aisha. Implementing a Physical Activity Program, 52 (Mar)

Marano, Cindy. Beating the Nursing Home Staffing Blues, 48 (Jan)

Marcell, Jacqueline (interview). “Oh My God!” Lessons in Caregiving From a Pioneering Baby Boomer, 56 (Oct)

Mazer, Susan E. Live Concerts Break Through Resident Isolation, 50 (Sep)

Misiorski, Susan. Pioneering Culture Change, 24 (Oct)

Moldow, Leslie. Building Green Pays Off, 26 (Jul)

Moller, Julie; Renegar, Carrie. Bathing as a Wellness Experience, 108 (Oct)

Morrison, Malcolm H. (Computer Technology Update) Meeting the April Deadline for the HIPAA Privacy Rule, 58 (Feb)
New IT Products to Enhance Resident Care and Well-Being, 66 (May)
New Rules for Your IT Vendor Search, 46 (Aug)
HIPAA’s Temporary Reprieve, 66 (Nov)

Morrone, Anthony L.; Smoller, Jill. Change to Survive: The SOPA Approach to Costing, 54 (Feb)

Mosher-Ashley, Pearl. See, Trombley, Jessica

Norman, Robert A. Caring for Aging Skin, 22 (Apr)
O’Brien, Charles (interview). Odor Control: Not Just a Cover-up, 76 (Sep)

O’Connor, Denis. Don’t Forget the Kitchen! 22 (Jul)

Olson-DeHon, Dotty. See, Landy, Barbara

Padilla, Paula; Gong, Jade. Marycrest Assisted Living’s Venture Into Olmstead Territory, 50 (Jan)

Palmer, Mary H. (interview). Helping Residents Stay Dry, 70 (Jun)

Peck, Richard L. Here Come the Rehab Therapy Caps, 35 (Jul)
Protecting Residents From Crime, 32 (Oct)

Peck, Richard L. (Editorial)
Seems Like Old Times, 4 (Jan)
The Real Long-Term Care System, 4 (Feb)
The Long-Term Care Insurance Test, 4 (Mar)
Spread the Word, 4 (Apr)
Medicaid Dreams, 4 (May)
Readiness Is All, 4 (Jun)
A Modest Proposal, 4 (Jul)
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Conundrum, 4 (Aug)
What’s So Great About Home? 4 (Sep)
The French Connection? 4 (Oct)
Ready for Some Networking? 4 (Nov)
Reason for Holiday Cheer, 4 (Dec)

Piner, W. David. Restoring Dignity to Bathing, 29 (Jun)

Rauma, Peter. Designing a Flexible Campus, 21 (Jun)
What Makes a Healing Garden? 50 (Oct)

Reuben, Keith D.; Coffey, Patrick L. Don’t Be Scared Off From Receivables-Based Financing, 14 (Jul)

Rubas, Wendy L.; Callahan, John M. Avoiding the Pitfalls in Purchasing SNFs, 18 (Jul)

Sadowski, Andi. Training Staff in Resident Transfers, 44 (Aug)

Salter, Vera. Workforce Solutions From Your Peers, 46 (May)

Sampsell, Bethany G. The Promise, Practice, and Problems of the Eden Alternative, 41 (Dec)

Seman, Dorothy. “Listen With the Ears of Your Heart,” 34 (Sep)

Sharbaugh, Robert J. When Drugs Don’t Kill “Bugs,” 70 (May)

Shephard, Rena R. The Power of the MDS, 40 (Apr)
Why the Nursing Director Is Key to Survival (Guest Editorial), 6 (Nov)

Shoemaker, Barbara. (Assisted Living Review) Reducing Resident Falls, 60 (Jan)

Shumaker, Thomas A. Employee Privacy Versus Employer Rights, 60 (Nov)

Simon, Sam. See, Littlehale, Steven B.

Smoller, Jill. See, Morrone, Anthony L.

Spector, Stanley. Surviving an Inspection, 66 (Sep)

Staff of Glen Cove Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (OPTIMA Award Winner). Creating a Five-Star Dining Experience, 20 (Sep)

Stoil, Michael J. (View on Washington)
Geriatric Depression Beckons SNFs to Act, 8 (Jan)
Trivial Pursuit, 6 (Feb)
The Other Prescription Drug Benefit Plan, 10 (Mar)
Legislative Prospects Are Dim, 6 (Apr)
SNFs and Homeland Security, 6 (May)
The Long-Term Care Bill That “Everyone” Likes, 10 (Jun)
A Talk With Presidential Candidate Howard Dean, 10 (Jul)
Fast, Fizzy Relief for Medicaid Pain, 8 (Aug)
Will Tax Incentives Work for LTC Insurance? 6 (Sep)
NIH Research: Big Money, Small Returns, 8 (Oct)
The Governors Take Long-Term Care Seriously, 8 (Nov)
The Nursing Home Stakes in the Medicare Prescription Drug Debate, 8 (Dec)

Taylor, Nancy (Voices From the Field). From Both Sides of the Coin, 69 (Jun)

Thomas, Audrey. Growth Through Volunteering, 44 (Apr)

Thomas, Bruce. See, Trombley, Jessica

Thompson, James J. Safety: A Key Ingredient in the Recipe for Success, 22 (Feb)

Todd, Jaime. Teach Staff to Walk in Surveyors’ Shoes, 40 (Feb)
Do You Have Change Agents On Your Staff? 33 (Aug)

Trombley, Jessica; Thomas, Bruce; Mosher-Ashley, Pearl. Massage Therapy for Elder Residents, 92 (Oct)

Ustick, Kathleen. See, Keane, Bill
Volzer, Robert (Design Center)
Home Is Where the “Hearth” Is, 47 (Oct)
Getting Into the Swing, 41 (Nov)
The Living Tapestry of MCH, 33 (Dec)
Watt, Joseph M. See, Fogel, Lawrence A.

Werner, Bryan. Successfully Implementing Divergent Specialized Programs in a SNF, 46 (Mar)

Whitlock, Sylvia Gaudette. Quality Initiatives: Are Nursing Homes Getting Better? 24 (Nov)

Willging, Paul R. (Assisted Living Review)
ALFA’s Take on the Assisted Living Workgroup-and Beyond, 46 (Apr)

Willging, Paul R. (Paul Willging Says…)
Don’t Let Demographics Fool You, 50 (Aug)
“Affordability” Might Not Be So Affordable, 10 (Sep)
“Aging in Place” Can Be a Marketing Trap, 12 (Oct)
Let’s Stop Ignoring LTC Insurance, 14 (Nov)
Quality Management Isn’t as Tough as It Looks, 13 (Dec)

Williams, Linda. Pressure Ulcers: Case Study and Lessons Learned, 64 (Jan)
Medication-Monitoring Lawsuit: Case Study and Lessons Learned, 42 (Mar)
The Case of the Missing Medical Records, 34 (Apr)
Nutrition Is No Secret, 40 (Aug)
End-of-Life Expectations, 50 (Nov)

Young, Cheri A. See, Ginn, Gregory O.
Zaneski, Linda O’Boyle. Documenting Quality Assurance, 64 (Sep)

Zinn, Linda. Better Pain Management = Fewer Pressure Ulcers, 74 (Mar)

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