Top 10 blogs of 2014

Blogs written in 2014 about safety, marketing and resident quality of life were hot for Long-Term Livings readers, website visitors and social media friends and followers this year, revealed an examination of analytics by Megan Combs, associate editor for reader engagement. The list includes content written before Dec. 9. Here’s another chance to revisit these columns or read them for the first time. Read about our top articles and news items here.

1. Preparing for ‘active shooter events: Lockdowns

Does your facility have policies and procedures to handle the potential presence of armed intruders? Unfortunately, as an April event later showed, the scenario is not as unlikely as you might suspect, according to this February blog by James Minninger and Steve Wilder. In our most popular blog of the year, they explain why lockdowns are one part of any good response.

2. ‘Active shooter’ events: Balancing resident, staff safety

In the March follow-up to the number one blog on this list, Minninger and Wilder discuss why a facility’s active shooter policy should consider the compassionate resident care reflected in its mission statement as well as the safety of employees.

3. 3 ways to improve the health of your referral relationships

Facilities can learn a lot from those who love them, those who like them and those who hate them, Luke Fannon said in this July blog. He explained how a facility can put that knowledge to work to improve its financial well-being.

4. Helping residents get 'Happy' and healthy

In this March blog, Senior Editor Lois Bowers shared how an assisted living program director found a fun activity for residents that spread a positive message about seniors and the facility, helped residents get a little exercise—and had another, unanticipated effect. It was the top staff-written blog of the year. The YouTube video featured in the blog has received more than 15,000 additional views since Bowers wrote her piece.

5. Is a liquor license key to attracting boomers?

Many of today’s seniors enjoy a daily cocktail as a way to relax, toast an achievement or cap off a celebration, Managing Editor Sandra Hoban wrote in January. “Does senior living mark an end to that social outlet?” she asked.

6. 7 strategies for 2014

Grooming your business for 2014 and beyond would involve fresh views, retrained skills and new ways to interact with the local markets, Editor-in-Chief Pamela Tabar wrote in February.

7. Improving the safety culture in 2014

Nowhere in a facility is entirely free of safety hazards, Wilder wrote in January. He showed how to find and fix potential areas of risk to make a safety program effective and compliant.

8. Sexuality in SNFs: Balancing resident rights and resident safety

Sex in a nursing home? Yes—and as long as both parties are able to choose, it's their right, Alan Horowitz, RN, JD, wrote in April. He raised important points related to training staff to handle situations that could arise, especially with residents who may have cognition deficiencies. (See a list of Horowitzs top five blogs of 2014.)

9. Is this help or harassment?

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears’ personal experience with two aides generated many comments from readers. The September blog illustrated the importance of screening before hiring, because dad employees can ruin a facility’s reputation and a resident’s quality of life. (See a list of Mears’ top 10 blogs of 2014.)

10. Unanswered call lights

Is it an emergency? Does the resident need assistance? Is it an equipment malfunction? These questions cannot be answered unless staff members respond to call lights, Mears wrote in this July blog.

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