The ‘LeadingAge’ change approaches; the intent remains

I received an e-newsletter this morning from the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging with a reminder that on January 25th, the hallmark institution that is “AAHSA” will no longer exist. LeadingAge will be the association’s new handle, and with that move comes…well, judging by the promotional video attached in the e-mail (available below), not a whole lot is going to change. And for current AAHSA members and future LeadingAge supporters, that’s a good thing.

AAHSA’s core values will remain untouched. The advancement it has strived for since 1961—when it was known simply as the American Association of Homes for the Aging—is ever apparent. Perhaps the only notable change, besides the name, is that the organization has updated its advocacy efforts with a new promise to “Inspire. Serve. Advocate.”

“These three pillars reflect who we are and what we do, and who you are and what you do,” the e-newsletter read. “Every day, you inspire, serve and advocate for elders in your communities.”

Also attached were three inspiring anecdotes of how LeadingAge members embody each of those three pillars, including the story of one community that has become so technologically advanced that its disabled residents are able manipulate the living environment through use of computers and infrared beams.

I suggest watching the video for more information on the direction LeadingAge is headed in, as well as a crash course on how its name has evolved.

Topics: Advocacy