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Electric Bed Control

The HD2 Bed Control by Crest Healthcare Supply is a durable, economic replacement for use on electric healthcare beds. The attractive case design is ultra-lightweight and has an ergonomic fit to the hand. HD2 Bed Controls are completely sealed with universal graphics that will not flake, pull, or peel off. The easy-to-clean overlay features large buttons and is available in 2-, 4-, or 6-functions for control of head, foot, and bed heights. The switches offer a distinctive audible and tactile click. HD2 is backed by a one-year warrantly.

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Rolled Foam Mattress

GF Health Products (Graham-Field) has introduced the Lumex® GF100 Rolled Foam Mattress. This pressure-reducing, high-quality foam mattress, featuring a maximum weight of 350 lb, offers therapeutic comfort at an affordable price. The zippered, soft, flexible, breathable Recovery5 nylon cover, which moves with the patient to reduce shear, is fluid resistant, antimicrobial, antistatic and easy to clean. The Lumex GF100 has a one-year warranty and ships rolled in a carton to reduce freight charges. It opens to full size (80″ x 36″ x 6″) in just minutes.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging System

Parata System’s compliance packaging promotes safe and efficient medication administration in long-term care. The system prepares medications by patient and dose. Each order contains customized multidose packs featuring patient name, medication and strength, and administration time. Parata PACMED and onePAC systems greatly reduce the time and safety of med-pass, since doses are verified by the pharmacy rather than at bedside.

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Health Information Software

LINTECH has introduced its new COMET Health Connection software application that allows residents or their authorized representatives access to a limited data set of health information from a facility’s electronic medical record through a resident/patient portal.

Accuracy of health information is ensured when residents and families view the data through the portal. By accessing updated resident information, real-time clinical data, and care plans, greater participation in the resident’s healthcare is enhanced.

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Ambulation System

Biodex Medical Systems’ FreeStep SAS (Supported Ambulation System) is an overhead track and harness system designed for patient and therapist safety. The FreeStep SAS removes the patient’s fear of falling, bolsters confidence, allowing him or her to focus on the tasks of gait and balance. Likewise, therapists can focus on assisting rather than supporting.

The Biodex FreeStep SAS can be configured to any facility regardless of what material is behind the ceiling. Weight rate to 800 lbs per 8 ft of track, FreeStep allows multiple users, performing varying exercises, to benefit from supported ambulation without increasing therapist attention.

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Zero-Lift Bed

The Total Lift Bed (TLB) from VitalGo, Inc., can raise a patient from a lying to a full-standing position with zero manual lifting, minimizing the risk of injury to patients and caregivers. It also simplifies the transfer process while providing optimal patient comfort. The TLB allows caregivers to raise patients incrementally, based on their ability to bear their own weight.

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