Staying in style in LTC

The facility that I live in does not have a beauty salon. However, we do have an Activities aide who is a cosmetologist. She can cut the residents’ hair, but there is no area or equipment for doing perm and hair color services.

So I have been to several local salons in search of a stylist who can do my hair the way I want. Unfortunately, I have had a few less than wonderful experiences. I wear my hair in a short curly perm. They do not stock the type of permanent solution I use. Therefore, it has been challenging to find a stylist able to do my style.

An aide suggested that I go to the local beauty academy. I was reluctant because trainees can be slow. The bright side is the cost is about half that of a salon. In addition, instructors check each step of my hair's process to see that it is done correctly.

When I scheduled the beauty academy perm I got a week ago, a friend suggested I make an appointment and ask for a student near graduation. Luckily, my trainee was just days from completion. She was more comfortable and quicker than some previous trainees.

I enjoy going there and watch while others have their hair done. On my perm day, two trainees were available to wrap my perm. That and a more experienced almost-stylist allowed me to finish sooner than usual.

If my perm does not meet my expectations, I will let the academy know when I get my hair colored next week. Sometimes I think it takes a lot to keep my hair up to par and I get tired of perms and hair color. But without trips to the academy my hair would be unsightly and I would miss the relaxation that comes with having someone work with my hair.

I liked the convenience of a facility salon because I had it for many years before I changed residences. I miss having a stylist available for a quick trim or to rid me of gray, but watching students learn their trade has been enjoyable.

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