SNF nursing hourly wages swing by state

Ah, if only we could all work in California. Or Connecticut or North Dakota.

How much hourly nurses in nursing homes get paid varies greatly by state,* according to the Nursing Home Salary and Benefits Report 2016-2017, released this week by the Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service.

Staff nurses (RNs) in California nursing homes earn an average of $33.32 per hour, almost $10 dollars per hour more than their counterparts in Ohio and $6 above the national average. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) make top dollar in Connecticut at an average of $27.52 per hour, while LPNs make the worst pay in Louisiana at just $17.72 per hour, on average.

Certified nurse aides (CNAs) should head for the hills of North Dakota, which pays an average of $16.28 per hour, $4 higher than the national average. At $9.23, the worst pay rates are in Louisiana, the only one of the 45 responding states paying less than $10 per hour.

The pay ranges are flatter for non-certified CNAs, with the highest average pay rates coming from Colorado ($11.92) and lowest from Mississippi ($7.42), compared to a national average of $10.13.

Data was much more limited for certified medication technicians—nursing homes in only 13 states provided data in this category—but the high mark is Maryland at an average of $16.71 per hour and the lowest pay in Kansas at $12.22 per hour.

*Not all states responded to all categories.

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