Seniors receive presidential kudos for their volunteer efforts

They served in the armed forces. They rolled bandages and poured coffee at USO get-togethers. They gave blood…they gave their lives. The Greatest Generation is also a Giving Generation as more than 200 residents from Greenspring Retirement Community, an Erickson Living community, received presidential thanks and congratulations for their volunteer services.

Greenspring has been nominating its service-minded residents for the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation awards since 2005. Established in 2003, the Council recognizes the important roles that volunteers of all ages play in the community by sharing their talents and enthusiasm with others .  To celebrate these selfless people, the Council created the President’s Volunteer Service Awards program.

Two hundred and three Greenspring Retirement Community residents received medals in  either  Gold (500+ hours), Silver (250-499 hourse) or Bronze (100-249 hours) categories. It goes without saying that they are active and engaged in the happenings at Greenspring and the community at large.

Along with the service pin, each resident received a certificate of recognition and a congratulatory letter from President Obama and recognition at a community party.  As Greenspring’s Volunteer Coordinator Elke Martin explains, “This is our seventh year of honoring volunteers for their outstanding commitment and dedication. Again we have reached new heights: More volunteers than every are receiving the President’s acknowledgement for their accomplishments in 2011.”

Resident Evelyn Jackson also received the President’ Call to Service lifetime award. Ms. Jackson also received Greenspring’s lifetime award for more than 4,000 volunteer hours in 2007.

Robin Gliboff, Greenspring’s Executive Director adds:  “We have more than 575 active volunteers at our community. Our volunteers reach out to our area hospitals, schools and many other organizations and truly make a difference.”

Congratulations to those who continue to give: seniors, staffers, young and old…at your facility or in the greater community.  The mark you make is indelible.

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