Senior Care Coronavirus News Roundup for Tuesday, 5/26

The world sacrificed the elderly to protect hospitals (CNN)

80% of COVID-19 deaths in NH are in nursing homes (Seacoast Online)COVID-19 coronavirus

Deaths on Scotland’s Isle of Skye expose a nursing home scandal (New York Times)

Post-coronavirus, Italian nursing homes fight to survive (Reuters)

$93,000 sought from Pennsylvania nursing homes amid inspections (WJAC)

Pandemic will drive major changes to the senior living industry (CNBC)

25 die in one week at Florida nursing homes (Palm Beach Post)

White House testing goal for nursing homes unmet (The Express)

Half of states will fall short on White House testing goals (Forbes)

French nursing home employees protest pay and conditions (ABC News)

Nursing homes in heated contests for PPE (Skilled Nursing News)

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