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Exercise has physical, mental benefits—even in those over 90

Residents aged more than 90 years who are able to exercise—and do so—are likely to see physical and mental improvements, according to two new studies. Read More »

Public weighs in on long-term care funding options

A recent poll asking Americans for their opinions about the financing of long-term care revealed support of some ideas that surprised researchers. Read More »

One on one with… Larry Wolf

Technology-related issues and trends in long-term care were on the agenda when Larry Wolf, health information technology strategist with post-acute service provider Kindred Healthcare, recently spoke with Long-Term Living. Read More »

Health insurance exchanges proceed despite shutdown, albeit with glitches

Federal and state government officials vow to fix website and call center issues as health insurance marketplaces receive overwhelming attention from consumers on the first days of operation. Read More »

Future is theme for International Day of Older Persons

An annual Oct. 1 observance is designed to draw attention to aging-related issues and those who are trying to address them. A new report released in conjunction with this year's observance looks at health status, societal programs and other issues related to the elderly around the world. Read More »

Cognitive enhancers not effective for mild cognitive impairment

A recent study brings disappointing news for some hoping to delay the onset of dementia. Read More »

2 technology-related action steps for long-term care providers

Communication is at the heart of two relationships vital to success in technology implementation and use in long-term care, according to one expert. Read More »

Stopping C. diff may be more a matter of antibiotic restriction than infection control: study

Newly published research in the New England Journal of Medicine challenges widely held beliefs about the transmission of a common infection and how to stop it. Read More »

CDC: Long-term care must make flu vaccination a priority

Those working in long-term care have three important reasons to get vaccinated against the flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And employers have compelling evidence to require or at least encourage vaccination. Read More »

Cognition not protected by omega-3s after all: study

Omega-3s may not help memory after all, but don’t make any dietary changes yet, researchers say. Read More »

4 technology trends in post-acute and long-term care

Care, staffing, and workflow processes and tools all are changing as technology and the healthcare system adapt to one another, according to one expert. Read More »

Nursing home use associated with certain personality traits

Whether and how much time a person spends in long-term care may depend on his or her personality, according to new research. Read More »

Assisted living communities can foster good reputations through personal interactions

As the state of New York winds down its Assisted Living Month, an association executive relays tips to help communities everywhere provide optimal care and demonstrate their value to residents, prospective residents and their families. Read More »

Managed care may be solution for nursing home residents with advanced dementia: study

An alternative to fee-for-service programs may help nursing homes provide appropriate, affordable care for elderly residents with significant cognitive impairment, new research suggests. Read More »

5 LTC commissioners propose alternative LTSS solutions

One-third of the membership of the federal Commission on Long-Term Care say that recommendations issued by the commission Sept. 13 are not broad enough, so they have issued alternative suggestions. Meanwhile, organizations representing the long-term care industry react to the official commission report. Read More »

World Alzheimer Report calls for changes to care system

In the midst of World Alzheimer’s Month and a day before Alzheimer’s Action Day, the World Alzheimer Report 2013 has been released, containing seven recommendations to address the disease globally. Read More »

Alzheimer’s trial studies two drugs’ ability to prevent disease

Researchers are studying two drugs they hope will prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Read More »

Preventing falls can be within your power

As Falls Prevention Awareness Day approaches, experts offer tips staff members can implement to improve resident safety as well as insights into how falls contribute to vision-related costs to the government, private insurers and individuals. Read More »

3-day hospital stay alternatives include new eligibility criteria, payment models

Improved policies and payment models could see more individuals being treated in skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities as the country looks for ways to reduce costs and unnecessary hospitalizations, one expert believes. Read More »

Staffing, introspection can improve resident dignity: study

Administrators and healthcare professionals have roles to play when it comes to delivering person-centered care to nursing home residents, according to new research. Read More »

Telehealth, safety monitoring increasingly popular among seniors, caregivers

Remote monitoring technology capabilities, an aging population and the increased costs typically associated with caring for seniors are combining to drive the global market in elder-care technologies to high growth, according to one research firm. Read More »

Research seeks ways to improve long-term care offerings in reformed healthcare system

An academic powerhouse and several senior living service providers are joining forces to try to find ways to increase the quality of long-term care while decreasing unnecessary healthcare spending. Read More »

Higher staffing levels mean better quality, report card finds

A new analysis of nursing homes scores facilities on eight federal quality measures to determine where to find the highest- and lowest-quality care. Read More »

Aging brains benefit from video game

Participants in a recent study experienced improved performance in three cognitive areas after they played a specially designed video game. Read More »

Stress may precede falls, and new technology may detect them

New research finds that older men experiencing the death of a loved one or financial problems are more likely to fall within the next year. Technology under development may help detect such falls, however, and notify caregivers for assistance. Read More »

Nursing homes serving black residents have fewer resources for care, study finds

A study of more than 11,500 nursing homes reveals racial disparities in care, and researchers have some ideas about why – and some potential solutions, too. Read More »

Pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia

Three recent studies provide new knowledge related to the development, prevention or prediction of dementia in various populations. Read More »

Informed consent provisions strong in only 7 states, group says

The informed consent rights of nursing home residents in 43 states may not be fully realized due to weak or nonexistent provisions, according to a nonprofit organization’s new analysis. Read More »

5 tests to avoid in long-term care settings

Percutaneous feeding tubes, sliding scale insulin, urine cultures, antipsychotic medications and lipid-lowering drugs should be used only under certain circumstances, representatives of the long-term care field say in a national campaign. Read More »

Aging, longevity clues arise from gene study

Researchers found a way to extend the life of study subjects by 20 percent, but the rate of aging varied by body system. Read More »