SAIDO Learning: Complete coverage

Coverage of Long-Term Living's 2013 OPTIMA Award winner—including the main article, sidebars, a Q & A, audio, video and a blog—is gathered here for your convenience. All editorial pieces include links to the other components as well.

2013 OPTIMA Award: The gift of the present

The Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network is Long-Term Living's 2013 OPTIMA Award winner, honored for bringing a memory care program from a distant land to the United States and integrating the program's vision into the person-centered care delivered across its provider network. This article includes a photo gallery as well.

The SAIDO clinical trial

A simple, easy-to-learn program that can minimize or even reverse the effects of cognitive decline from dementia? One senior services network put skepticism aside and agreed to serve as the sole U.S. clinical trial site. Seeing is believing, the organization says.

How SAIDO Learning works

The SAIDO Learning program is designed to stimulate the prefrontal cortex, resulting in activity that can be measured by two standard cognitive tests.

SAIDO Learning: A Timeline

The journey to bring the SAIDO Learning approach to treating Alzheimer's disease and dementia from Japan to the United States began in 2010, nine years after the technique had been developed overseas. This timeline details the process.

One-on-one with… Chelley Antonczak

Chelley Antonczak shares Eliza Jennings' journey to bring the benefits of SAIDO Learning to the community's residents with dementia. The success of this program is a tribute to the many people who collaborate, volunteer and participate in a variety of ways.

SAIDO Learning in action: A typical session [VIDEO]

Three videos illustrate the overarching principles of the SAIDO Learning technique to slow or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Blog: The elusive high five

"Aug. 13 stands out in my mind not because of what I did but for what I wasn't able to do," Senior Editor Lois A. Bowers says.

SAIDO Learning: Seeing is believing [PODCAST]

"If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it." That's how one senior living community staff member working with residents to improve their cognition describes the effects of the SAIDO Learning program. In this audio podcast, hear what else she has to say about why she got involved and how it changes not just residents but also the volunteers who work with them. [5:55]

SAIDO Learning: 'It's remarkable' [PODCAST]

"It is really remarkable to see." That's how one senior living community employee describes the SAIDO Learning program designed to reduce or reverse the effects of dementia. In this audio podcast, she details a typical session and explains how the program affects not only residents but also the volunteers who work with them. [4:05]

The September 2013 digital edition

This digital edition of Long-Term Living's print magazine features an abridged version of Long-Term Living's 2013 OPTIMA Award coverage.


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