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Facility Cleaning System

Coverall Cleaning Concepts has developed a cleaning system for healthcare facilities merging procedures, equipment, and best practices that address the special challenges of healthcare settings. The system combines tools and techniques adapted from methods used and/or recommended by the EPA, the Joint Commission, and other sources. Components include hospital-grade germicides and disinfectants, procedures to prevent germ and pathogen transport, and color-coded microfiber cloths and flat mops to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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Telehealth System

WebVMC’s RemoteNurse™ and RemoteAccess™ are part of a software-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth system. RemoteNurse allows the resident to interact with the system by touching the device’s screen, and a built-in speaker allows the system to communicate to the resident verbalized assessment questions and instructions for using the measurement devices, including a blood pressure monitor, glucometer, scale, fluid monitor, pulse oximeter, and digital camera for documenting wound care progression. The system gives residents instructions both visibly and audibly and can run in multiple languages.

RemoteAccess is the Web interface for accessing resident information. Each user must log in to the encrypted Web site with a unique user name and password. Caregivers can set thresholds on answers to assessment questions and measurement values, and are notified by e-mail, interactive pager, or cell phone if any answers or values do not align with the resident’s care plan. The system, which generates detailed reports, allows unlimited assessment questions that can be customized by disease state, and caregivers can send residents an unlimited number of daily reminders.

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Integrated Water Filtration System

Moen Incorporated’s integrated filtration system featuring ChoiceFlo™ provides both filtered and tap water from one faucet spout. The technology has been incorporated into Moen’s Chateau® kitchen faucet. During installation, a separate handle is mounted next to the faucet deck plate. To switch from tap to filtered water, the user turns the filtration handle and a separate water line delivers the filtered water through a hidden spout on the faucet neck. The system’s carbon block filter reduces many impurities, including lead and chlorine, and is designed to last six months. The low-cost filter simply clicks into place under the sink—no tools or water shutoff are needed—and an integrated indicator signals when the filter needs to be replaced.

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Brain Health Book

Your Brain Health Lifestyle: A Program to Preserve Your Life Story, by Paul Nussbaum, PhD, outlines practical tips and activities to promote brain health. The book provides a review of the basics of the human brain, explains how brain health works from a physical perspective, and outlines a brain health lifestyle that includes five major domains: Socialization, Physical Activity, Mental Stimulation, Spirituality, and Nutrition. Dr. Nussbaum is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist with 20 years’ experience in the care of older persons suffering from dementia and related disorders. Your Brain Health Lifestyle is available from Word Association Publishing.

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Resident Monitoring System

Available from RF Technologies, Care 3™ streamlines risk reduction systems by bringing together fall management, incontinence detection, and pressure ulcer protection in a single monitoring system. A pressure sensor pad continuously monitors whether a person is properly positioned in his or her bed or chair; if pressure is removed from the pad, Care 3 automatically generates audio and visual alerts. A disposable fluid-sensing pad detects incontinence, and the system signals when it is time to reposition a resident.

Alerts for all three functions are communicated to a single wireless monitoring device with an automatic reset feature. Care 3—part of the Sensatec line—can be integrated with RF Technologies’ wireless call system or pagers, or a facility’s existing nurse call system.

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Beverage Thickener

Hormel Health Labs’ Thick & Easy® Thickener for Supplement Drinks has been specifically formulated for use in high-protein, high-calorie supplement beverages that are provided to residents with swallowing disorders. Thick & Easy dissolves easily in drinks and keeps beverages palatable and safe.

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Bed Assist

Maddak’s Ableware® AbleRise™ Bed Assist helps to prevent falls and features a roomy storage compartment. An easy-to-grip, height-adjustable plastic handle eliminates static shock, and rail slides between the mattress and box spring are easy to install. The single-rail model has a bar that extends underneath the mattress and a strap that can be attached to the opposite end of the bed frame for additional stability. The double-rail model permits installation on both sides of the bed.

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Hand Wash and Sanitizer

E2 Hand Wash & Sanitizer is an antimicrobial formula with the power of chloroxylenol (PCMX), which reduces the most common bacteria found on hands, including E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Staphylococcus. Available from Spartan Chemical Company, the Lite’n Foamy Hand Care System features four concen-trated, bulk-packaged foam soaps (in gallon, pail, and drum packaging) and a bulk fill dispenser.

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Emergency Response Dialer

The Guardian™ Talker 2500 Dialer is available from Guardian Systems, Inc. It can monitor 10 wireless devices (pendant, pull cord, smoke detector, etc.), report the alarm to a PC, and automatically provide two-way voice communication into the alarming apartment. The dialer—which can also be used without a PC—delivers the alarming apartment’s number in a voice recording before opening up automatic voice communications.

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