Partnership offers remote dispensing for LTC pharmacies

The partnering of a health IT company and a pharmaceutical dispensing company that relies on cloud technology is helping to revolutionize long-term care pharmacies which continue to handle a growing volume of prescribed medications.

Happiest Minds, an IT company based in India with operations in the United States, and XchangeLabs LLC, based in Irving, Tex., have announced the launch of SiteMed, an automated remote medication management and dispensing system for long-term care pharmacies.

A major feature of SiteMed is its simplicity of operation. With only one click, a long-term care facility can dispense the correct doses of prescribed medications to a resident in packets that contain information about that particular resident. 

While the dispensing system itself is located within the long-term care facility, its automation and remote monitoring helps reduce medication errors and waste. The system also allows the medical staff to dispense routine medications as well as PRN drugs and leave of absence and emergency kit (E-kit) prescriptions.


Topics: Clinical , Technology & IT