One nursing home’s welcoming committee

One nursing home resident moonlights at the reception desk after staff go home for the night. She also meows.

Oreo is a cat in residence at St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland. She was well-known by staff and fellow residents as a stray who lived around the building. After many years, she finally made the move inside a few years ago, much to the delight of residents and staff.

Resident Susan Orwen likes the black and white cat, who hams up Orwens’ head scratches. “She doesn’t have an owner,” Orwen says to The Plain Dealer. “I’m not her owner but I like her. She says ‘I’ll hang around her. She’s OK.’”

Residents are not allowed to bring pets into the facility, so Oreo has become a pet for everyone at St. Augustine.

“She makes it like home for the residents,” says Director of Advancement Dana Carns. “Most of us grew up with pets or have a pet. Many of the people that we serve here had pets. I think she brings a lot of laughter, smiles and normalcy.”

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