Music works magic for seniors

Drum circles, rhythm sticks, singalongs… Music is core to life from cradle to grave. It  can lift the spirit, stimulate imagination, energize or trigger memories. Whether it’s listening to a lullaby or tapping toes to a ethnic beat, seniors benefit from targeted music.

Lemon Grove Care & Rehabilitation Center in Lemon Grove, Calif., received a $3,500 from the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation this past October to enhance therapeutic outcomes.  “Well-Tuned: Music Players for Health,” a collaborative effort between two nonprofit organizations,  The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function and Music & Memory.

Delivered through MP3 players or iPods, customized playlists are created from patient input. In this way they are able to listen to music that actually means something personal to them. Whether it be music of a certain ethnicity, modern music, standards or spiritual, it resonates with the individual.  It helps residents with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease as well. 

Lemon Grove CEO Scott Kirby explains that while music is part of recreational activities, it is generally selected on the basis of age appropriateness.  With the Well-Tuned programhe says: “Total music personalization magnifies benefits for both skilled nursing patients and convalescent residents, regardless of cognitive, physical or social situations.”

Some of the benefits include a reduction in agitation and sundowning behaviors, increased patient cooperation and attention. It also engages patients who are on ventilators, undergoing dialysis or are immobilized.

Check out the videos and testimonials on the Music & Memory website to experience the background and to acquaint yourself with the Well-Tuned program.

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