launches medication management training series

Senior care training provider, San Antonio, Texas, has released a new 16-video training series on medication management for older adults. The segments, accessible as online webcasts, are free.

The series includes topics such as over-the-counter medications and adverse drug events, diabetes management, polypharmacy, cost-reduction formulary strategies, antipsychotic medication regulations, medication passes and other topics. Several are subtitled in Spanish.

“An important part of being a senior caregiver is to understand the effects of many available medications on elderly patients, including over-the-counter pills and supplements,” notes the organization’s announcement release. “Nearly 30 percent of all senior hospital admissions are a result of adverse drug effects. By having a better understanding of common medication management best practices, caregivers could save a senior’s life.”

mmLearn began in 2007 as an online training service for caregivers at Morningside Ministries, a senior care provider in central Texas, but has expanded its offerings any professional caregivers.

The medication management series is the 29th topic category in the organization’s portfolio, which includes more than 300 educational video webcasts.

Topics: Clinical