Medicare and Healthcare Fraud with Michael Frank

Medicare is as hot a topic as ever with regards to healthcare policy and the United States government, but while elected officials debate over Medicare’s future, there’s one prevalent issue of which more people should be aware: Medicare fraud.

Michael Frank, founder and president of Aquarius Capital, speaks with Adam Armstrong, director of the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care (IASC), on the latest IASC Podcast to discuss Medicare fraud and healthcare fraud in general. With healthcare executives and even practitioners being charged daily with this misconduct – enough to rack up almost $98 billion, or roughly 10% of Medicaid’s annual spending budget, according to a recent CMS study – healthcare fraud is a costly risk in terms of both money and reputation.

Don’t let your long-term care center or its residents remain vulnerable to potential fraud. Listen to the latest IASC Podcast episode to get a better grip on what you and your team can do to protect the finances and good standing of your care center.






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