LeadingAge, VCU collaborate on ageism awareness training

LeadingAge and the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) are tackling ageism with a joint video training project they hope will stamp out negative stereotypes, assumptions and judgements about older people.

The training video, designed for healthcare professionals, will discuss why ageism is detrimental to quality care delivery, how stereotypes are perpetuated and how to be a leader against ageism.

“This unique collaboration enables us to impact aging services by developing a resource that educates people about ageism,” said Katie Smith Sloan, LeadingAge president and CEO, in a press release. “We need more tools to facilitate important discussions about ending ageism.”

Tracey Gendron, associate professor in the Department of Gerontology in the School of Allied Health Professions at VCU, agrees: “Bridging our work represents a significant effort to raise awareness of our ageist language and actions within our own professional culture. This partnership is raising the bar for how we educate about aging and advocate for older individuals.”

The training video, funded by LeadingAge, is expected to be available in summer 2018.

Topics: Executive Leadership , Leadership , Training