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Skin Care

Lantiseptic® skin care products, available from Links Medical Products, Inc., provide skin barrier protection for incontinence. They are also useful in preventing and treating other conditions, such as diaper dermatitis, chafed or ulcer-prone skin, severe dry cracked skin on hands and feet, and stage I and II pressure sores.

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Body Cleanser

GOJO Industries’ PROVON® Total Body Foam Cleanser is a gentle, no-rinse formula for bedside bathing and shampooing, as well as incontinence care. This one-step multipurpose formula gently cleanses without the need for rinsing, while its citrus Oriental fragrance leaves a fresh, clean scent. Aloe vera and vitamins A and E help maintain healthy skin and hair.

PROVON Total Body Foam Cleanser is part of a complete line of patient and resident care products from GOJO.

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Green Disinfection

Advanced Vapor Technologies TANCS® Steam Vapor low-moisture system is a fast, chemical-free, water-based, green method for destroying bacteria, mold, and hard-to-kill pathogens. Treated steam vapor from tap water—the only ingredient—effectively disinfects surfaces after a few seconds of application. The TANCS component uses the minerals found in tap water to form heat-energized nanocrystals that accelerate the destruction of microorganisms.

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Pull Cord

The CleanCord™ plastic pull cord, available from Crest Healthcare Supply, can be easily and completely disinfected to keep residents and staff safe from transmissible diseases. Unlike nylon cords, CleanCord won’t soak up bodily fluids or other liquids that can transmit infections to others.

CleanCord is made of durable PVC material that is easy to wipe down with surface disinfectants, and its 1.82 mm width is small enough to fit most stations. CleanCord is available in white or red to provide more contrast against walls. The weighted red pendant is easy to see and grasp.

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Wet Mopping System

Using Direct Supply’s Microfiber Cleaning System to mop floors can kill up to 60% more bacteria than traditional mopping. The system’s “one pad per room” design means that you’ll never clean your facility with dirty mop water. The system—composed of an ergonomic handle, a quick-connect mop head, and detachable, washable microfiber pads—uses 95% less chemicals and reduces cross-contamination better than traditional mopping.

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Retractable Needle Lancet

Owen Mumford’s Unistick 3 needle point is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid accidental needlestick injuries and cross-infection. When pressed against the sample site, a series of eight raised dots on the platform stimulate the nerve endings, which sends a message of comfort to the brain—masking the weaker pain stimulus from the lancet. The Unistik 3 provides a high level of safety for healthcare workers and residents and meets OSHA standards.

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Disinfectant Wipes

For surface disinfection or decontamination, Bleach-Wipes from Alcavis International, Inc., provide a consistent and accurate concentration of bleach in a prediluted single or double prepackaged 8 × 10″ towelette. Bleach- Wipes meet CDC recommendations and OSHA requirements for surface disinfection.

Alcavis 1:10 dilution Bleach- Wipes are an EPA-registered tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal product for larger blood spills and high-risk situations, such as MRSA, C. diff, and VRE terminal cleaning.

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Protein Supplement

DecubAmine® protein supplement from QCE, Inc., encourages wound healing by combining whey protein with L-arginine, L-glutamine, and essential fatty acids to enable complete cell development.

When blended with Decubi-Vite® three-in-one, a therapeutic multivitamin with extra vitamin C and zinc sulfate, elements for good nutritional healing are combined to promote skin integrity and combat further complica-tions or infections.

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Wheelchair Washer

Medco Equipment’s all-purpose automatic wheelchair washer cleans and sanitizes up to 20 wheelchairs in an hour, with a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash. The all-purpose washer also sanitizes commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, and more. No special plumbing or electrical hookup is needed. With a simple one-button operation, detergent and rinse agents are automatically dispensed, with more than 300 washes per gallon each. The washer is built with heavy-duty stainless steel and has four permanent swivel/locking casters for easy transport. Features include an OSHA-approved safety front door handle, emergency stop button, auto-off door switch, and solid-state electronic controller, and it is UL listed.

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Antimicrobial Slings

Medcare Products’ Antimicrobial Care Slings and Care Belts feature Microban antimicrobial protection. Built in during the manufacturing process, Microban will not wash or wear off, and it provides continuous antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The complete line of Medcare Antimicrobial Care Slings—for use with a two-, four-, or six-point hookup lift—will include Slings with Head Support, Standard, Amputee, Commode, Multi-Purpose, Stretcher, Repositioning, and Patient-Specific Disposable Slings. Medcare Antimicrobial Care Belts include Care Stand Belts and Transport Attachments.

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Foaming Hand Cleanser

The PROVON® TFX™ Touch Free Dispenser and Foam Handwash with Advanced Moisturizers, sold separately, reduce contact contamination and are proven to increase hand hygiene compliance by 20.8%. The foaming cleanser is effective in killing 99.9% of germs, yet is as mild as a baby wash. The dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic soap is formulated with moisturizers and conditioners to help maintain healthy skin even with frequent handwashing.

Each refill cartridge comes with a fresh dispensing valve that distributes the needed amount of soap for handwashing in one shot. Purchase two handwash soaps from HD Supply Facilities Maintenance and receive a free dispenser while supplies last.

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