Focuson Cleanliness

Skin Care System

SECURA™, from Smith & Nephew, is a four-step intervention system that includes cleansers, protectants, moisturizers, and treatments. The SECURA product line has user-friendly color-coding to support the preventive skin care system. SECURA products are made with skin-friendly ingredients to cleanse, protect, moisturize, and treat.

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Laundry Pretreatment

The new Bio-Pro Urine Odor and Stain Laundry Pre-Treat, available from Direct Supply, contains bioenzymes that destroy uric acid on linens, blankets, towels, napkins, clothing, and all other machine-washable textiles. With this pretreatment, alkaline boosters or higher temperatures are not needed to leave linens less acidic, which helps to reduce bedsores.

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End-Opening Spa

Penner’s Cascade End-Opening Spa with Aqua Aire is designed to give the resident a comfortable bath. The resident always faces forward. All-in-one transfer eliminates the need for adjustments or leveling as a result of an interior rail system.


Chemical Injection System

Designed to make chemical installation faster, simpler, and more precise, the new Maytag® Commercial Laundry Chemical Injection System features easy-access connections on the outside of the machine, eliminating the need to open the washer on routine visits. The new system also provides clear visibility on how detergent, bleach, softener, and other chemicals are being dispersed. The Chemical Injection System is available for all sizes of Maytag rigid-mount, front-load washer-extractors and soft-mount high-speed extractors.

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‘Green’ Disinfection

Advanced Vapor Technologies’ TANCS® Steam Vapor low-moisture system is a fast, chemical-free, water-based “green” method for destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, and hard-to-kill pathogens in long-term care environments. This technology uses treated steam vapor from tap water as the only ingredient. Spraying a surface with a chemical agent inevitably adds pollution to the indoor air and raises other environmental health and safety concerns associated with the preparation, use, storage, or disposal of chemicals.

The TANCS Steam Vapor System is more effective and works faster than topically applied chemical disinfectants without the associated risks to people. It effectively reduces E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Enterococcus faecium (VRE), and other pathogens.

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Paperless Interior Drywall

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is a manufacturer of gypsum drywall, and since 1986 has produced paperless, moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum products. DensArmor Plus® is a paperless drywall designed as a replacement for paper-faced drywall in building interiors. DensArmor Plus incorporates glass mats on the surfaces of drywall panel instead of the paper facings found on traditional drywall. The combination of paperless surfaces and a moisture-resistant core provides moisture and mold resistance.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum offers a three-month, in-place exposure warranty, allowing DensArmor

Plus to be hung before structures are fully enclosed. It has received the GREENGUARD® certification for low-emitting products.

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Pull Cord

The CleanCord™ plastic pull cord, available from Crest Healthcare Supply, can be easily and completely disinfected to keep residents and staff safe from transmissible diseases. Unlike nylon cords, CleanCord won’t soak up bodily fluids or other liquids that can transmit infections to others.

CleanCord is made of durable PVC material that is easy to wipe down with surface disinfectants, and its 1.82 mm width is small enough to fit most stations. CleanCord is available in white or red to provide more contrast against walls. The weighted red pendant is easy to see and grasp.

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Ozone Monitor

ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System includes its patent-pending Ozone Laundry Smart Controller (OLSC) with each of its systems. The OLSC monitors ozone levels in the wash feed water at all times and gives a green light indicator that ozone is maintained at the proper levels to kill bacteria even in cold water.

The OLSC not only gives the green light when everything is functioning properly, a red light indicates that its time to call for equipment servicing. Major system components have self-diagnostics, as well.

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Labor-Saving Laundry Equipment

The UniMac UW series of washer-extractors and fast-drying tumblers can help managers improve throughput and keep labor costs down. Available in 35-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 125-, and 150-lb. capacities, the UW line can meet the needs of any long-term care laundry. The washers’ fast-fill water valves, Rapid Jetspray Rinse, smart drain, and fast extraction speeds combine to cut cycle times.

UniMac tumblers get linens back in service faster. Utility savings that result from the equipment’s efficiency combine to improve the laundry operation’s bottom line.

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Wheelchair Washer

Medco Equipment’s all-purpose automatic wheelchair washer cleans and sanitizes up to 20 wheelchairs in an hour, with a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash. The all-purpose washer also sanitizes commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, and more. No special plumbing or electrical hookup is needed. With a simple one-button operation, detergent and rinse agents are automatically dispensed, with more than 300 washes per gallon each. The washer is built with heavy-duty stainless steel and has four permanent swivel/locking casters for easy transport. Features include an OSHA-approved safety front door handle, emergency stop button, auto-off door switch, and solid-state electronic controller, and it is UL listed.

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