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Resident Care Manual

The Briggs Resident Care Procedures for Nursing Facilities manual offers a simple, practical approach to nursing procedures and competencies for long-term care nursing facilities. The general and straightforward format helps provide quality resident care in compliance with facility procedures, standards of care, and federal regulations. A CD-ROM for customization and instructional sheets are included.

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Sit-to-Stand Lift

Invacare’s Reliant 440 Sit-to-Stand Lift is suitable for use with weightbearing and fully dependent residents, as well as those needing rehab support. Reliant 440 has many safety features, including locking rear casters and an emergency release. The electric base width adjustment, ergonomic styling, and maneuverability provide easy and safe operation for caregivers while providing resident comfort.

With an easily removable footplate, the Reliant 440 can also be used for gait training as well as standing therapy.

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Stander With Tray

Altimate Medical’s EasyStand Evolv with Shadow Tray fully supports and follows the user from sitting to standing, with tray access from all positions. It enables the resident to change positions as needed while using the tray to participate in games, read, and socialize. The Shadow Tray flips up and pivots out of the way for easy transfers. The tray is securely attached under the seat and includes a safety mechanism that prevents it from shifting. The Evolv’s lifting design mimics the body’s natural pivot points, maximizing function and minimizing shear. More than 40 options can be added to its modular base at any time.

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Rocking Chair

Available from Optima Products, the Thera-Glide Safety-Glider’s patented automatic-locking system prevents gliding as a resident sits. Once the resident is safely seated, the lock automatically releases, permitting the resident to gently rock. Before the resident leaves the chair, the lock automatically engages for a safe exit. Side stabilizers and ergonomic armrests also provide stability during transfers.

The Thera-Glide Safety-Glider’s residential appearance conceals a durable steel seat and back frame. Cushions are removable for thorough cleaning. The Thera-Glide Safety-Glider is available in Mission (shown) or Deco in a variety of healthcare fabrics.

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Heel Cushion

Intensive Therapeutics has introduced the HeelZup® Supreme Maximum Lift Heel Elevating Cushion, intended for situations in which more elevation of the legs and heels is desired. Comfort and pressure reduction are enhanced by a thick layer of viscoelastic foam in the calf bed. Heels are suspended and pressure is eliminated.

HeelZup works with Intensive Therapeutics’ No-Slip Wedge to maintain heel elevation while turning and repositioning residents. HeelZup is available in a variety of sizes, including bariatric.

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Emergency Call System

The Tek-CARE®500 wireless emergency call system from TekTone now can transmit alarm messages to a central monitoring facility. Tek-CARE 500 provides residents of senior living facilities with advanced security and safety. Residents wear waterproof pendants that allow them to roam freely throughout the facility or campus, while help is only a button press away.

The Tek-CARE 500 master station keeps track of all transmitters and calls, and can send calls to staff pagers. The system also maintains resident information, including photos, medical information, and contact information for relatives and physicians, and can accommodate morning check-in.

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Mobile Passive Lift

ARJO’s Maxi Move is a mobile passive lifter that is simple to operate. All powered functions, including Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), are controlled via the handset, enabling routines to be carried out without manual lifting. A dual-control option offers a mast control panel, as well as the handset. The new open-style DPS spreader bar range offers greater comfort for residents.

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Air-Powered Elevating Lift

The CAMEL by Mangar USA is a battery-operated air-powered cushion designed to sit up and lift off the floor someone who has fallen. Operating with low air pressure, the CAMEL offers a stable and stress-free lift that can be performed with or without caregiver assistance.

With a maximum user weight of 700 lb., the CAMEL can lift someone of any size or age. It is particularly useful for lifting bariatric residents, minimizing the manual handling risk to staff and reducing workers’ compensation claims.

The CAMEL is stored in a compact carry bag, making it portable and suitable for outdoor use.

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Illuminated Call Cord

Regular call cords can be difficult for residents to find in bed at night. The new DuraGLO™ Call Cord from Crest Healthcare Supply has glow-in-the-dark bands that help residents locate call cords to summon the help they need. DuraGLO can glow for up to four hours in total darkness, depending on the length of time exposed and the type of light source. It will recharge whenever exposed to a light source. No power connection is required.

Like DuraCall™ call cords, DuraGLO call cords are waterproof, durable, and safe to use for residents undergoing oxygen therapy.

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Single-Use Lancing Device

UniStik® 3 is a preset, single-use capillary lancing device from Owen Mumford. The needle point is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid accidental needlestick injuries and cross-infection. Unistik 3 offers reduced puncture depths of 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm while providing equivalent blood flow volumes. Unistik 3 provides safety for healthcare workers and patients, and meets OSHA standards.

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Wandering and Nurse Call Systems

Direct Supply now offers HomeFree Wireless Resident Monitoring systems to ensure resident safety and security at all times. Using wireless technology, HomeFree systems allow for resident-specific wander monitoring, wireless nurse call, and continuous resident locating.

HomeFree’s Personal Watcher™ is a working wristwatch that helps to preserve resident dignity, while monitoring the wearer at all times. HomeFree systems enable a facility to set up restricted areas for each resident, while continuous resident locating lets staff know exactly where each resident is by name. Wireless nurse call gives residents security wherever they are by alerting staff through quiet, discreet, and reliable pagers.

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Safety Footwear

Shoes For Crews® offers feminine athletic-style footwear designed specifically for the contour of a woman’s foot, along with rugged durability and soothing comfort. The Athena has full-grain leather and water-resistant SFC III™ Slip-Resistant Outsoles. Features include a Featherlight Technology with a compressed foam midsole for added support and flexibility, and EnduraMax insoles that allow air to circulate throughout the shoe.

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Safety Certified Beds

The Zenith powered bed and the Matrix Plus full-electric bed from Graham-Field Health Products are UL 60601–certified. This certification is the most complete mechanical and electrical safety standard for long-term care beds.

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Compact Lift

The Ascend™ is the newest addition to the HoyerPro® family of lifts. Available from Sunrise Medical, the Ascend has a compact footprint that allows for easy and safe transfers from within a resident’s room to smaller areas, such as the bathroom. It is lightweight and has a 375-lb. lifting capacity, and is accompanied with multiple grip points for the resident. With its 4.5″ leg clearance, the Ascend fits under most low beds. Other features include a removable foot tray, adjustable knee pads, and a powered base.

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Access Control System

Count Me In, LLC, has developed Door Monitor, an affordable access control system that secures doors and allows access only to preauthorized individuals at specified times. Through the use of biometric technology, this PC-based system combines the company’s state-of-the-art LightningID fingerprint identification engine with ease of use. With two taps of a finger, it authenticates, identifies, and unlocks the door for recognized individuals. The Door Monitor system includes the base system for one door, fingerprint sensor, software, and introductory support.

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Sit-to-Stand Exerciser

Endorphin Corporation has introduced the Sit-to-Stand (STS) Exerciser, designed to effortlessly duplicate a person’s sit-to-stand motion. Not a lift device, the STS was developed to strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and provide greater stability for sitting, standing, and transfers. Using a height-adjustable seat, the resident can perform a sitting and standing motion exercise. The unit is adjustable to provide a percentage of assistance based on the user’s body weight, eliminating the need for a caregiver to manually lift and lower a resident. Incorporating the STS in a facility will reduce the number of falls and common injuries associated with limited strength and range of motion.

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Staff Footwear

SKECHERS for Work slip-resistant lifestyle footwear offers healthcare professionals comfort, strength, and protection in wet or dry conditions. The flex construction and high-quality leather upper on a high-abrasion, long-wearing outsole make styles like “Islamorada” (shown)—an easy-to-wear premium slip-on— a must on the job.

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