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Large-Capacity Tumbler

The Huebsch® Super Twinstar 45-lb. stack unit provides 90 lb. of drying capacity. Although the Super Twinstar has 40-lb. more rated capacity than Huebsch’s 50-lb. single-pocket tumbler, it occupies less floor space. A large door opening aids loading and unloading, while user-friendly dual-digital controls make the stack easy to operate. The Super Twinstar’s axial airflow system sends all the heat through the cylinder for energy efficiency. The tumblers are easy to install, with single gas, electrical, and vent connections.

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Laundry Pretreatment

The new Bio-Pro Urine Odor and Stain Laundry Pre-Treat, available from Direct Supply, contains bioenzymes that destroy uric acid on linens, blankets, towels, napkins, clothing, and all other machine-washable textiles. With this pretreatment, alkaline boosters or higher temperatures are not needed to leave linens less acidic, which helps to reduce bedsores.

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Cabinet-Style Washer-Extractors

As part of its new MWR line, Milnor offers two cabinet-style washer-extractors with 20- and 40-lb. capacities for any size laundry rooms. Both models have rugged structures and single- motor inverter drive systems. They are user-friendly and feature the E-P OneTouch control with four preprogrammed formulas.

The units have three speeds (wash, distribution, and extract) and use water and fuel efficiently to minimize expenses. The washer-extractors fit through standard 36″ door frames for easy installation.

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Freestanding Washer-Extractors

Continental Girbau’s Pro-Series washer-extractors offer performance and energy savings to healthcare laundries. The freestanding design of Pro-Series washers enables high-speed extraction—removing more moisture and reducing dryer bottlenecks. All washer-extractors are backed by a 5/3-year warranty and a national distribution network.

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Ozone Monitor

ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System includes its patent-pending Ozone Laundry Smart Controller (OLSC) with each of its systems. The OLSC monitors ozone levels in the wash feed water at all times and gives a green light indicator that ozone is maintained at the proper levels to kill bacteria even in cold water.

The OLSC not only gives the green light when everything is functioning properly, a red light indicates that its time to call for equipment servicing. Major system components have self-diagnostics, as well.

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Heavy-Duty Washer-Extractor

Speed Queen’s SC80 and the programmability of its MicroMaster2 Control ensure the versatility to adapt your washing process to linen upgrades or other future changes. The 80-lb. capacity washer-extractor’s heavy-duty design is reflected in a durable stainless steel cabinet, as well as inner and outer tubs that won’t chip, corrode, pit, or crack with normal use.

When combined with the MicroMaster2 Control, the SC80 enables laundry operators to control their processes—from water temperatures to extraction cycles. The system features 30 cycles with 11 steps per cycle.

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Labor-Saving Laundry Equipment

The UniMac UW series of washer-extractors and fast-drying tumblers can help managers improve throughput and keep labor costs down. Available in 35-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 125-, and 150-lb. capacities, the UW line can meet the needs of any long-term care laundry. The washers’ fast-fill water valves, Rapid Jetspray Rinse, smart drain, and fast extraction speeds combine to cut cycle times.

UniMac tumblers get linens back in service faster. Utility savings that result from the equipment’s efficiency combine to improve the laundry operation’s bottom line.

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