Florida AL operators have few rules for evictions

The assisted living model was designed for seniors and others who need some help with daily activities. It was not intended to provide complex medical care. Many consumers are not aware of the limited responsibilities of the AL care setting. When assisted living is no longer the appropriate care setting for an individual, a “move out” may be necessary. What are the rules for an AL eviction, or discharge?

In Florida, a South Florida Sun-Sentinel article recently reported that the state has some of the least restrictive discharge rules in the nation—45-day written notice.  Although advocates are working to change the rules, legislators have yet to respond.

In California, only five reasons are cause for eviction. While state regulation indicates a 30-day notice to evict, if a resident has lived in the facility for more than a year, the window expands to 60 days.

While the nursing home industry is highly regulated by the federal government, assisted living facilities rules are enforced at the state level. The National Center for Assisted Living has posted its 2012 Assisted Living State Regulatory Review.

Topics: Advocacy , Regulatory Compliance