ENERGY STAR announces new senior care building category

As of March 20, 2011, senior care communities are now eligible to receive an energy performance score by using EPA’s online energy measurement and tracking tool, Portfolio Manager, and earn the ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy performance. Senior care community applies to all buildings in a multi-building campus setting or a stand-alone facility that are designed to house and provide care and assistance for elderly residents—including assisted living, skilled nursing, and select continuing care retirement communities.

There are some exceptions. A senior care community is eligible to receive and ENERGY STAR score if at least 50% of the total number of residential units is considered to be assisted living and/or skilled nursing, as are continuing-care retirement communities with fewer than 50% independent living units if certain characteristics are met. Communities that are predominantly independent living space (50% or more) that do not have separate sub-meters are not eligible, nor are residential retirement communities or villages. (Continuing-care retirement communities featuring fewer than 50% independent living space are eligible, assuming the non-independent living sections of the campus can be measured separately.)

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