Nursing care market fundamentals remain stable

The stability in nursing care market fundamentals continues, as occupancy remains essentially flat, according to NIC MAP. In 1Q12, nursing care occupancy was 88.2 percent, which is unchanged from the prior quarter and a 30 basis point decrease in the past year. Read More »

Repurposing a property—LA style

Many developers and architects are putting old building to new purposes. In Los Angeles, an abandoned hospital will shake off its horror-story reputation to provide a new lease on life for low-income seniors. Read More »

Assisted living occupancy resumes recovery

In 1Q12, assisted living occupancy was 88.6 percent, an increase of 20 basis points from the prior quarter and a 30 basis point increase from a year ago. Occupancy is now 130 basis points above the cyclical low it established in 1Q10. Read More »

Senior housing boot camp: Repositioning a tired community

Owners and operators are finding that, due to aging housing stock and market changes, opportunities for renewal abound in senior housing. But transforming the old into something with current and future market appeal can be a daunting task. Read More »

Green House Project bill moves closer to approval in California

California bill for new licensing category for health facilities gains approval by State Senate Health Committee. Read More »

Top lifestyle and design influences in senior living

At Environments for Aging 2012, senior living experts weigh in on the lifestyle and design features highest in demand by that most demanding generation: the baby boomers. Read More »

Challenging conventions of senior living

“Elderhood” advocate William Thomas, MD, urges Environments for Aging attendees in his keynote address to “consider a radical reinterpretation of aging and the built environment.” Read More »

Surveyed residents in AL/IL housing report higher income, self-reliance and overall satisfaction

The study addressed the costs and satisfaction with the communities, methods of paying for the community, evidence of spending down or giving away assets, financial concerns and the geographic mobility among the residents. Read More »

A senior community can be a great place to work

Long hours, physical stress and injury, moderate pay and other complaints are the general mantra of LTC employees—but not in Denver. Workers at one CCRC in particular have plenty to brag about when it comes to their employer. Read More »

NIC MAP shows modest recovery in seniors housing

NIC MAP, a data analysis from the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry, shows a modest recovery in occupancy rate, while construction activity slows. Read More »

Leaders of Tomorrow: Addie Abushousheh

Congratulations to the first of five Leaders of Tomorrow award winners profiled this week: Addie Abushousheh, executive director, Association of Households International. Read More »

Growing ranks of seniors face affordable housing crunch

A new report details the effects of the exploding over-65 population in coming years on the demand for housing and the opportunities available to expand senior housing options. Read More »

5 markets dominate sluggish assisted living construction

As of 4Q11, within the top 31 metropolitan markets, construction of assisted living properties represented 2.1 percent of the existing inventory, where it has been oscillating around for the past two years. Read More »

The world’s greatest senior housing dilemma

Yesterday’s article on the most exciting prospect in senior housing had been posted no longer than an hour before I started receiving emails and social media notifications from industry observers with stakes in China. Read More »

Senior living in a sandbox: The China investment

The Chinese government announced a target of adding 3.4 million senior housing beds by 2015, and has been inviting foreign investors and operators into the market to leverage their unparalleled expertise. Why this may be the opportunity of a lifetime for you and your peers to evolve senior living in previously impossible ways. Read More »

Nonprofit divestiture: Preparing for the sale

Anticipate many hoops and considerations, as the sale of a nonprofit senior living facility may be subject to approval by the state. This could be a formal process that is limited to the attorney general’s office or may result in recommendations to a court. Read More »

7 steps to divestiture every nonprofit should follow

How can a nonprofit go about finding an appropriate acquirer, either nonprofit or for-profit, and how can both parties come to a mutual understanding about the transaction and the future of the senior living property being sold? Start with these seven important steps to divestiture. Read More »

Obstacles and solutions in real-world design 2012

Senior living designers must show not only industriousness, but also diplomacy on any given project, as demonstrated by these submitting firms in 2012's Environments for Aging competition. Read More »

LeadingAge awarded $700k grant to study affordable housing

The LeadingAge Center for Applied Research will study the role that publicly assisted, service-enriched housing for older adults can play in helping residents "age in place." Read More »

Making project development manageable (in bite-sized chunks)

To have longstanding success, organizations need to view repositioning as a “state of mind,” not an event. Repositioning should take a holistic approach that focuses on the entire organization and its future, resulting in the examination of the organization’s strategic direction and goals. Read More »

Sunrise renews public tours of more than 250 communities

The second annual Tour of Homes showcases resident suites throughout the United States and Canada and runs from March 18 to March 24. Read More »

Assisted living fundamentals remain steady in 4Q11

The recovery in assisted living occupancy took a pause at the end of 2011, as occupancy remained unchanged, according to NIC MAP. Absorption continued to remain positive, as did year-over-year rent growth. Read More »

Developing a framework for Resident Safety Risk Assessment

The Resident Safety Risk Assessment is intended to serve as a broad evaluation framework for the key design areas that impact resident safety in various residential care settings. Read More »

When residents move out, who fills their place?

Three residents received permission to move to another of the company's facilities. While each resident had behavioral problems that required them to be watched, not knowing who will replace them causes staff to worry. Read More »

Successful design in long-term care begins with a master plan

The challenge to house the full spectrum of seniors from fully independent to skilled nursing can be a daunting task even for the most accomplished design team. Involving all professionals and stakeholders at the outset is part of the formula for success. Read More »

One-on-one with Thomas B. Gale

Where should for-profit borrowers look for capital in 2012? Is the HUD LEAN logjam breaking apart? Thomas B. Gale, vice president with Lancaster Pollard, touches on capital trends and more in this exclusive interview. Read More »

A plea to new senior living developers: Budget for furniture!

As the focus on baby boomers entering the senior living housing market becomes more prominent in the United States, an odd phenomenon is occurring—new developers don't understand what needs to be in a facility. Read More »

Nursing care properties bound by consistency

In 4Q11, nursing care occupancy was 88.2 percent, a decline of 0.1 percent from the prior quarter and a 0.2 percent decline from one year ago, according to the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry. Read More »

LTC mergers, acquisitions spike 39 percent in 2011

Long-term care merger and acquisition activity rose 39 percent in 2011, while total dollar volume in spending rose to $16.3 billion. Read More »

Nursing care supply is not declining everywhere

While the supply across the largest 31 metropolitan markets has declined, there are exceptions at the metropolitan market level. In the past year, 10 of the largest 31 metropolitan markets had increases in the nursing care bed supply. Read More »