Assisted living census grows in aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

Some of the Northeast’s community-dwelling seniors, who were evacuated to assisted living centers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, have found a new home, according to a Fox News report. Although they enjoy home ownership and their independence, the storm was a wake-up call for many. Sitting in the dark, alone and frightened, and not knowing what is going on caused many older people to face their limitations.

The report notes that some senior care operators have seen a surge in relocation to their long-term care communities since the November disaster. Ultimate Care New York Senior VP of Operations Maryellen McKeon saw their five percent vacancy rate vanish after the storm.

Patty Tucker, a spokesperson for the Health Care Association of New Jersey said that it is too soon to tell if those who sheltered at area assisted living centers and retirement community will become permanent residents.

One new resident is happy she made the move. As she told reporters, “I’m better off here where I get three delicious meals a day and they come and clean up your apartment and make your bed.”

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