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Alzheimer's Association releases new appropriate use criteria for procedures

October 11, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

The appropriate use criteria (AUC) is available online by Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association as an article in press, corrected proof.

High-intensity therapy being used in skilled nursing for near-death patients

October 8, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

As the skilled nursing industry prepares for a shift away from therapy as a primary reimbursement driver, a new study raises questions about the use of high-intensity therapy minutes at the end of residents’ lives.

Some doctors push notion that Alzheimer's could be infectious

September 11, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Dr. Leslie Norins is willing to hand over $1 million of his own money to anyone who can clarify something: Is Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia worldwide, caused by a germ?

As models change, clinicians are poised to lead healthcare into value-based care

September 6, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

"Clinicians are the face of healthcare. We interface with patients, care for them, engage their families and we are a go-to resource in day-to-day treatment."

Texas nursing home tests positive for legionella bacteria

September 4, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

This bacteria can cause Legionnaires' disease and can be fatal. 

Study shows breast cancer surgery may be more dangerous than cancer for nursing home residents

August 31, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Some experts are now questioning why patients who are fragile and advanced in age are screened for breast cancer, let alone given aggressive treatment.

Nursing home residents experience mystery respiratory illness

August 29, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

An increase in respiratory illness at a local nursing home has prompted an investigation to determine if viruses and bacteria that cause infections such as influenza and Legionnaires’ disease have contaminated its air and water systems.

Experts push for standardization in Parkinson's research

August 28, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

This includes recommendations for the types of biomarkers researchers should identify to aid in the development of new treatments.

Alzheimer's, down syndrome vaccine trial hits important milestones

August 21, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Start of Phase 2 trial with ACI-24 in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease with first patient enrolled.

ALS, dementia issues may stem from rogue proteins

August 21, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Inherited forms of both diseases have been traced to gene mutations associated with an abnormal buildup of the RNA-binding protein, TDP-43, in the brain.

Researchers connect degenerative eye diseases and Alzheimer's

August 14, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

They say their findings could lead to new ways to identify people at high risk for Alzheimer's.

House bill would allow groups to use telemedicine for long-term care

August 7, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Proponents say using the technology to expand care access in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) could significantly reduce hospital admissions from by permitting Medicare to enter into value-based care arrangements with medical groups to provide care via...


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