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DIY Marketing Part 4: Strategic marketing plan execution

July 15, 2013
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Executing the strategic marketing plan (SMP) and overall marketing improvement plan (MIP) is the toughest part of any engagement with a client. Usually, team members are energized by the creative process of evaluating the situation and brainstorming about new strategies and tactics to turn things around. Executing the plan requires focus, diligence, hard work and time.

I follow a variety of training and coaching strategies and execution best practices when working with a client to improve census.


In our industry, most organizations do not have the resources to provide sales and marketing training to their teams, and most individuals who work in admissions and marketing positions have had little in the way of formal training. Administrators are not familiar with the skills and knowledge required to be successful admissions and marketing professionals. Nearly all of our engagements with clients begin with training.

Developing Healthcare Referral Sources provides individuals with the sales skills they need to develop and maximize relationships with healthcare professionals such as case managers, physicians and others in numerous settings in the healthcare market place. Participants learn how to get through the gate keeper to schedule appointments with targeted professionals, how to handle the initial sales call and how to maintain contact with a professional without being a pest.

In Maximizing Census through Lead Generation, participants learn successful marketing strategies and tactics as well as how to craft a strategic marketing plan and develop competitive advantage messages.

These first two programs are designed to help teams develop the key skills and knowledge they need to increase qualified leads/referrals.

In Converting Referrals into Admissions, participants learn the sales skills they need to engage prospective residents and motivate them to choose their facility or service. The goal of this program is to help individuals increase the number of referrals that convert into admissions by improving their ability to get tours, conduct tours, follow up, close and handle objections.

The Administrator as the On-Site Marketing Manager is a program designed (as the name suggests) to develop administrators’ sales and marketing management skills.


Strategic and tactical coaching is a critical leadership function that helps individuals translate knowledge and skills learned during training into real situations with professionals and prospective residents and families. We use several coaching techniques when working with team members, including:


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