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Getting the most out of your charity strategy

April 13, 2017
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4. Publicize your events with press releases, advertisements and other tactics.

You want as much traffic at your events as possible! It increases the funds or other support you raise for your charity and magnifies the exposure you receive. I can’t say it enough; promote, promote, promote your events! Pre-event press releases, advertisements, public service announcements all work great at bringing in traffic. Target local senior centers and other places where seniors congregate to coordinate their participation in your event!

Be sure to invite the local media to the event. You will be surprised how often reporters will attend, especially those from small, local newspapers. It also is critical to leverage social media in the promotion of your events. Post the events on your community’s Facebook page, have team members publish photos on LinkedIn and encourage team members and families to “share” and “like.”

Once your event has been executed the promotion doesn’t end. Make sure that you publicize the results of the event. Take photos during the event and write a press release about it and send them to local newspapers and TV.

The charity strategy is an incredibly powerful marketing tool which can bring considerable name recognition to your facility, community or organization. I encourage all my clients to consider it and the ones that do tend to have higher census and engaged team members.


Luke Fannon

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