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Treatment Decision

June 7, 2009
by Kathleen Mears
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A month after chemo ends, I will then have radiation treatments After that will be determined by more testing on my lymph node tissue. I may have Herceptin injections every three weeks for a year, then Faslodex once a month for an indefinite period.

I was surprised that I had already made my decision. It came last week when I felt I must use the drugs that could prevent a recurrence. I realize that it may not work. Also, I will probably lose my hair, and there will be other side effects. Radiation therapy will be no walk in the park either. But I want to move forward with the treatments.

As I said to the oncologist, "I knew I had made up my mind because I have been wig shopping for over a month."

In the next couple of weeks I would need to have an echocardiogram to see if my heart is strong enough for me to get Adriamycin. I will also have to have a port put in so the chemo can be infused more easily.

Our return trip was easier since my sister was used to my van and the route. She filled my tank with gas. She drove on some country roads around our hometown to show me the joys of nature and the thrills of the twists and turns. Though my stomach was jostled, I arrived back in one piece. We did our best to get me a second opinion about my breast cancer treatment.

I will get my treatments locally and see the oncologist who is farther away whenever I feel the need.


Kathleen Mears


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