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Craig Fukushima Commentary

Craig Fukushima

Craig Fukushima


Craig T. Fukushima, NHA, is partner at The Fox Group, a consulting practice that serves a wide...

Time to review the 2013 OIG work plan

December 4, 2012  |  Craig T. Fukushima, NHA

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is continuing its aggressive efforts to identify fraud among healthcare providers. In October, the OIG released its 2013 work plan, which outlines the audit and enforcement initiatives for Medicare and Medicaid providers in the coming year. Let's take a look at the Nursing Homes section of the work plan.

Preparing for the ‘silver tsunami’ across the globe

September 24, 2012  |  Craig Fukushima

The United States isn’t the only country experiencing explosive growth within the senior demographic. As the elderly population and the costs of senior care rise across the globe, other countries are weighing the U.S. long-term care experience.

Get social—or else!

April 26, 2012  |  Craig T. Fukushima, NHA

LTC providers have a dizzying number of items on their ‘to do’ list every day. And participation in social media is not high on that list. However, know this—for your residents, their families and friends, social media is increasingly more important.

Embracing the young blood in long-term care leadership

February 15, 2012  |  Craig T. Fukushima, NHA

I believe those of us who have been around for years have an obligation to work with young professionals to ensure that our industry remains in good hands. What lasting mark will you leave on the young blood?