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What impact will Trump’s victory have on value-based healthcare?

November 9, 2016
by Rajiv Leventhal and Heather Landi
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But in the end, Kriegstein attests that “health IT is here to stay.” She says that health IT issues have largely been bipartisan, specifically noting a desire from both political parties to: sendoff cybersecurity threats more in the future than today; make sure there is a digital infrastructure to support decision making from clinicians and to empower change; and to continue efforts to dive into usability and optimization of electronic health records (EHRs). “I don’t see many health IT surprises in this space, as there is a recognition that patients and clinicians alike are empowered with the use of technology,” Kriegstein says.

To this end, the Charlotte, N.C.-based Premier, Inc. released a statement on Wednesday that said the organization is “looking forward to working with President Trump and the Republican Congress on healthcare transformation.” The statement further said, “There is a great deal to be done to transform healthcare. At the top of the list is achieving interoperability of health IT systems, specifically EHRs, which we encourage Congress to address in the upcoming lame duck session. We also believe more needs to be done to incent providers to move to alternative payment models, such as accountable care organizations. This can be accomplished by eliminating cumbersome and antiquated regulations, reducing the level of risk required in establishing these models, and ensuring competition by creating a level playing field for all healthcare providers seeking to enter these models.”

Moving forward, Kriegstein still maintains that there will be a continued drive to improve outcomes. “Regardless of power and party, there is a recognition that there is an opportunity to improve healthcare, and the [government] will still be budget conscious, so I think those sorts of efforts will stick around. We just need more details in place,” she says.

This article was originally published in our sister-brand, Healthcare Informatics.