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Protect residents from financial abuse

July 29, 2014
by Tom Ealey
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Record whatever observations raised the alarm. Copy and safeguard any relevant documents, clinical notes and administrative records as appropriate. Reporting is the act of contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency; adult protective services; city police, sheriff or state police; and presenting your documentation.

These are difficult issues, and the CFPB documents provide guidance while also creating an expectation of increased vigilance by the facility.

Tom Ealey has long-term care experience as a CPA (Ohio), management consultant and regulatory compliance expert and author. He is a professor of business administration at Alma College in Alma, Mich. Reach him at He is the author of Consumer Protection Series: Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse, which is available as an e-book.

Disclaimer: This article is not an attempt to provide legal, accounting or consulting advice. Such advice should be obtained from licensed and qualified professionals.