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Effort seeks new name for CCRCs

April 24, 2014
by Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor
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Using the new term

It will be up to the more than 1,800 individual CCRCs across the country to decide whether they will use whatever new name arises from the process, Minnix says.

“We don’t necessarily want to get into having people change their financing documents or going back to their state legislatures to get a legal name changed, although perhaps it could come to that,” he says. “But what we think this will be is the start of what the brand of CCRCs really is. For example, I can see one outcome of this is us changing the name category among our membership. So CCRCs would no longer be the category of membership for us, but it would be whatever this new label is.”

Leary says she hopes that state and federal regulators ultimately will use the new term.

And a chance—albeit perhaps a small one—exists that the terminology won’t change, Minnix adds. “We just have to see what comes out of it and what really resonates with people,” he says. “We may not make a change at all, but the marketplace is really very subtly challenging us to come up with new language.”

See the results of a 2011 survey of families of those living in CCRCs, conducted by Mather LifeWays, Brecht Associates and Ziegler, here.





I suggest Senior Life Communities or Senior Lifestyles Communities (keep it plural to avoid trademark infringement). Prospective incoming residents of CCRCs are looking for a new lifestyle in terms of less work (someone else does the cooking, cleaning, and property maintenance) and more fun (social activities and opportunities to build new friendships). The promise of aging in place and life care need to be addressed as well, but perhaps that is best handled in marketing and not in the term itself.

Lynn Ackerman

Thank you for your insights, Lynn. I'm sure they will be very valuable to the process.

Life Step Communities

Thank you for your idea. I'll pass it along to the organizations.