Activities to help seniors thrive

Helping seniors stay active matters for reasons beyond their physical health.

Swedish researchers studied the prevalence of everyday activity engagement and how they contributed to overall well-being. They found seniors who were engaged, thrived.

"The study demonstrates that activities are an important approach to increasing thriving, and that everyday activities can be conceptualized and implemented as nursing interventions to facilitate resident thriving as opposed to resident surviving in nursing home care," said Sabine Björk, lead author of the study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Participating in programs, tending to appearance and spending time with someone liked had the greatest impact. Activities can support personhood and speak to the larger context of a person’s surroundings.

Researchers reviewed a national survey of 172 Swedish nursing homes of resident symptoms, activities and thriving.

The most commonly occurring everyday activities were receiving hugs and physical touch, talking to relatives/friends and receiving visitors, conversing with staff about issues not related to care and grooming. 

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